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Shannan Prefecture of materials used in 2009 Yarlung Culture Festival active appliances Furniture countryside activities

Shannan Prefecture of materials used in 2009 Yarlung Culture Festival active appliances Furniture countryside activities

December 1, 2009, Tibet Shannan 2009 Yarlung Cultural Festival opened materials. Director of the Tibet Autonomous Region Department of Commerce Ma relative to the village to attend the opening ceremony and visited the complex intersection of the scene.
Shannan Yarlung Material Culture Festival is a gathering of local traditional commodity trading transactions in the longest and largest number of participants, the largest gathering of peasants and herdsmen in the exchange of goods. From 1981 to date have been held for 29 sessions, the current supplies Yarlung Culture Festival will last for 7 days to participate in the exchange of goods merchants, and local farmers and herdsmen reached 5,000 households. Of farmers and herdsmen participate in the transaction of products mainly from home-grown beef and mutton, walnuts, cheese, butter, tsampa, wooden bowls, card pad, iron tools, farm tools and so on.
The opening day turnover of 9.8 million yuan of goods.
This section will be the exchange of furniture, appliances to the countryside as a highlight of the promotion, specially set up large-scale exhibition, with effect from December 1, on-site holding a 7-day furniture, appliances to the countryside fairs Group buy-cum-policy advocacy activities. Shannan Business Bureau across the street by hanging banners, posting purchase of notes, on-site publicity posters, brochures and playing Tibetan-Chinese bilingual commercials and other forms, in the field to create a warm, peaceful atmosphere of public opinion to celebrate. The opening day from the Shannan region to the countryside for the record sales of furniture enterprises in the eight standard booths, the focus on exhibitions of color TV sets, refrigerators, washing machines, mobile phones, air conditioners, water heaters, computers, electric butter mixer, microwave oven, induction cooker, Tibetan-style furniture, motorcycles and other 12 major categories of commodities, the total value of more than 260 million sold in batches of goods will be sent to private houses in the farming and animal husbandry. According to statistics, as of December 3, Shannan region for the record companies have on-site sales of goods 497 sets (pieces), sales revenue of 762,000 yuan, is expected to exchange festival ended, will sell all kinds of furniture, household appliances to the countryside Products 1580 units (pieces) with total sales of 2.17 million cash subsidies to fund 477 thousand yuan.