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Shoe Fair 2010 in Düsseldorf, Germany breeze

Shoe Fair 2010 in Düsseldorf, Germany breeze

Exhibition Overview:

International Footwear Fair Dusseldorf, Germany (hereinafter referred to GDS), is the world's leading professional shoes three exhibition is one of Europe's largest shoe fair. GDS is the world's largest and most influential, high-grade professional shoes international exhibitions every year in March, spring and autumn in Europe and in September the famous "Fair City" - Düsseldorf, Du Dusseldorf is a world famous city of art and clothing capital of the world's third largest, but also Europe's largest industrial zone - the Ruhr district management center. GDS exhibition area of 12 million square meters, more than 1,500 exhibitors displayed the same stage, to professional buyers will be nearly 4 million.
Fair organizers of different grades according to exhibits and market positioning of the professional division of exhibitors, the show is divided into the basic international exhibition, fashion district, leisure zones seven different exhibition. The exhibition has become China's footwear industry to enter the EU market windows. Show bears flowers of 7 - 17 Hao 11 exhibition halls, its unity is divided into: Modern, Global Sources, Young three main themes, the Chinese exhibitors at the International Basic 8A and 8B Pavilion (International Basic).

Exhibits range:

All kinds of shoes: men and women shoes, fashion shoes, sports shoes, fashion shoes, casual shoes, climbing shoes, indoor shoes, sandals, slippers, shoes, bags, footwear, accessories, accessories, leather products.

Organize groups of:

2009 show attracted more than 50 countries, 1,288 exhibitors, there are dozens of Chinese enterprises. In recent years, China's foreign trade-type shoe with a gradual increase, more and more directed at GDS shoe high signing rates have persisted, to represent the vast majority of exhibitors in the exhibition is not only high performance, and the transaction price is higher than Fair.