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Gold Secret Files: Chiang Kai-shek in 1949 brought Taiwan to the mainland gold Whole Story

Gold Secret Files: Chiang Kai-shek in 1949 brought Taiwan to the mainland gold Whole Story

The first batch of the treasury of gold brought Taiwan

December 2, 1948 early morning, which is on the 1st night, the Bund full martial law. By British journalist Qiaozhi Wa (GeorgeVine) living in Chinachem Hotel (now the Peace Hotel, North Tower) side of the room by the Bank of China. Shortly after midnight, he was looking eastward, though, under full martial law, from the dim street lights still see the shore, under the "Starfish" was, or even escort warship; he was looking to the west is expected to side door to the Bank of China (now the Dianchi Lake Road No. 74) and the Summer Palace junction, porters or two pick a box, or pick one of two boxes, from Dianchi Road, into the sea, a 500-ton ship docked at the Customs Anti-Smuggling on the Huangpu River.

Language does not make journalists startles endlessly, with his professional instincts, we conclude that the pick and the heavy burden of small size, the will is a valuable gold, it immediately from the Beach Road, No. 20 Huangpu CathayHotel, it changes the Bank of China, and sent out of gold has witnessed the situation, to London, to the world issued the following telecommunications: "... ... all the gold in China is using the traditional way --- coolies carried away" [SterlingSeagrave, TheSoongDynasty ( "Soong Dynasty"), HarperPerennial, 1986, No. 441].

2006 to 2008, the author came to Shanghai four times over the Pacific Ocean, find the file and field investigation Shanghai Bund, the first to solve a puzzle: Why does the Huangpu Beach Road from the old Bank of China 23 years, out of 24, the central bank's treasury of gold ?

The Bank of China and the Peace Hotel by the path between the Bank of China, after entering hospital, the answer had come back out. Originally the central bank's treasury of gold and silver coins there is the Bank of China's backyard basement vault, there are armed police standing guard outside, of course, can not go find out. However, some of them open to the general public, we walked down a spiral staircase down to the following suddenly see the light, there are depositors in to see your precious deposit material, the glass door that read "Far East's largest bank", "founded in 1937, "that is, the Japanese invasion of China in the year-round. The central bank's underground vault should be on the same floor in the vicinity. Like old repair the airport, as part of a "military", the other as "civilian." We can see is something like "civilian" section. Boarded the Peace Hotel rooftop, looking to the east, you can see the Huangpu River, the Bund is now the tourists gathered in Riverside Park. Year (1948) December 1 at midnight, anti-smuggling vessel "Sea Star" was parked on the shore, not far from there is a warship, "Legg Mason" was (or "America friend" was) in the cruise to monitor. West from the River of view, 23 (Bank of China, 17-layer) and 24 (Central Bank, 6 layers, the Second World War when the Bank of Japan is gold) Only a small alley between, from the Peace Hotel, North Tower The above is invisible. Therefore, the night porter should come from the Bank of China and the paths between the Peace Hotel (now the Dianchi Road) towards the riverside.

Central Bank gold smuggling the Kuomintang government

Qiaozhi Wa telecommunications resulting from the issue the day after British newspapers published this news, Reuters has issued the following news: "the KMT government bank gold smuggling." Hong leftists "China Daily" (December 3, 1948) and other newspapers have also reprinted the news.

According to the Central Bank of files, a few days later, Soong also ordered the Bank of Shanghai to mention silver 10 million yuan (a total of 2,500 boxes, each containing 4000), also from the gold yuan reserve, made on December 8 Songhu guard the use of the Department of (Commander Chen Daqing) at night of martial law in the interest of China Merchants "sea Shanghai" round transported to Guangzhou [Second Historical Archives of China, "the former Kuomintang government fled the mainland in cash shipped to Taipei, Xiamen, a group of secret information" contained "It was the file "(Second Historical Archives of China, published quarterly, the same below), 1989 No. 1, p. 53], but not by the media, society and the general public took note.

December 1st night of the Yun-jin action, not only a sensation in Shanghai, has shocked the whole of China, Changsha, Hunan Senate will first telegram to the nation: "These gold belong to the nation, is a three half months ago (1948 August 19 days) to issue compulsory acquisition of gold yuan came from the private sector, as the gold yuan reserves, random movement of the gold yuan will affect people's confidence. "Shanghai people are in panic a few days took place in front of the Bank of China shocked the world Gold runs (GoldRush) event. Bank of China, the KMT government to the black market price lower than the pure gold, there are Shibai times profit and preservation so that the public to take gold yuan 1,000 yuan (daily premium increases) for a city of gold against the two, but the sale of 1000 two day limit, First come, first purchase, so tens of thousands of people queued up outside the bank.