Preparatory work for the 107th session of Canton Fair was held in Beijing

Preparatory work for the 107th Canton Fair session on January 11 at the Commerce Department Training Center. Zhong Shan, Vice Minister of Commerce attended the meeting and trade fair preparations for the mobilization and deployment.

From all departments in charge of foreign trade, attended this meeting. Wang Zhongqi, vice president, I will attend the meeting.

The 107th Canton Fair Group Exhibition work requirements are:

I. To maintain extension and replace the show time will remain unchanged

The exhibition schedule is as follows:

Phase I: April 15 -19 days;

Phase II: April 23 -27 days;

3rd period: May 1 -5 5 days;

Exchange Dates: April 20 -22 days, and April 28 -30 days;

Extension of foreign negotiations Hours: Daily 9:30-18:00.

Second, maintaining the same display size and layout of exhibition

The 107th Canton Fair the total size of the exhibition booths will remain 55000, the exhibition layout and size remain unchanged.

3, group exhibition of work

(1) Brand Booth

Brand the 107th Canton Fair booth will be based on this re-assessment results, combined with regional balance, and scale factors exhibition, the exhibition brands list and the corresponding number of booths will soon be released according to the procedure.

(B) General Booth

The 107th Canton Fair booth each trading group's general number, type in principle, at its 106th Session in accordance with the final state, remained relatively stable.

(C) the removal of Fair convolution operation of the Regional

Continue to set up to replace the current exhibition swing operational area, the region only arranged standard booths, not arrange special booth.

Fourth, binding mechanism and the back booth booth reservation system models, and special equipment to change the companies extended punishment to maintain order in the normal group exhibition

From the 107th, the regiment will be decorated to the transaction occurred after the reporting deadline for special equipment to change the enterprise and make the appropriate punishment:

1, companies appear in an exhibition area extended special equipment to change the situation, from the next consecutive three can not be in the booth and special equipment;

2, two or more enterprises in the Zone emergence of extended special equipment to change the situation, from the next consecutive three exhibition areas can not be any special equipment.

After the meeting, conducted under the auspices of the Chamber of Textiles Limited the 107th Canton Fair booth arrangements for the general Sofitel loaded the draw order, representatives of various trade groups out of the Mission in the A, B, C District, the order of the general booth arrangement. Ministry of Foreign Trade Division and Foreign Trade Center, the notary of the balloting results.