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Sudan, China Commodity Fair 2010 a success

Sudan, China Commodity Fair 2010 a success

February 1, 2010 -8 day, in 2010 China Commodity Exhibition and the Sudan, "the 27th Khartoum International Trade Fair and Exhibition in Khartoum, Sudan in the international exhibition center from 19 Chinese companies participated in the event, showing the style of Chinese enterprises, exhibitors and exciting results.

The 27th International Fair of Khartoum by the Sudanese Free Zones and Markets Company, Limited, the Sudanese government support, in the Sudan and its surrounding areas have greater influence, but also Sudan's largest and most influential annual international business activities . During the exhibition, a total including those from China, Algeria, Turkey, Brazil, Australia, Greece, Kuwait and Sudan, countries, more than 300 exhibiting companies.

This exhibition a total of 25 Chinese exhibitors, exhibitors samples include: special vehicles, batteries, tractors and supporting farm machinery, construction machinery, sanitary equipment, sisal equipment and products, regulators, solar photovoltaic products, stainless steel cutlery , clothing, towels, blankets, all kinds of shoes, suit door, pesticides, attapulgite clay, hardware tools, medicine and health products and household appliances. Show site accumulated more than 1,000 clients received visitors, was invited to go out to visit to inspect the local merchants more than 10 times, on-site turnover of nearly 100 million U.S. dollars.

Exhibitors, according to the number of consecutive sessions of corporate executives reflects the Sudan is a very potential market, but need to have patience and confidence, this exhibition is an intention to Sudan and neighboring countries to open up a strong platform for the market.

The event is sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, is the first large-scale Chinese enterprises in Sudan and Africa, an important economic and commercial activities in an appearance. Pavilion arrival in the Soviet Union the next day, the Chinese embassy in Sudan, Li Chengwen resident Ambassador to the groups called on everyone to encourage people to seize the opportunity for exhibitors to know more about the Sudan, thereby expanding the Sino-Soviet bilateral economic and trade exchanges. Counselor of the Embassy Commercial Office Hao agency dedicated on February 3 on behalf of the team and I will meet with exhibitors to understand the situation. Ambassadors and Hao Li Chengwen social counselor were all made a special trip to visit the booths of exhibition hall on the ground, and with interest with each participating enterprises had to talk to our organization for the Sudan, the local market of goods exhibition was appreciated.

Period, I exhibitors booth in addition to contact their own customers, but also take the initiative to look for business opportunities, and achieved good results. If a car company and a battery companies often stand to take a person to hold a fixed position, another person take the initiative to the exhibition hall to discuss other associated companies to communicate and seek cooperation opportunities. , To a certain shoe company's products, in the show is very popular, works well.

To the procurement of this exhibition, many businessmen from Sudan's neighboring countries. I am participating enterprises, not only gained access to the Sudanese market opportunities, but also had some access to neighboring countries markets. If a car approached the Algerian company's products customers showed great interest, hoping to make the company's products in Algeria, the sole agent, the company has invited its recent visit to the country, specific issues are further discussed.

In addition to bulk orders contact the local and neighboring countries, businessmen, but also on some exhibits on-site retail sales. Results booth attracted a large number of Sudanese locals to buy the booth on the peak and visitors crowd, the scene is very hot. Throughout the exhibition hall, the Chinese Pavilion exhibitors booth popularity of Mong Kok are the booths of other state enterprises that can not be compared.

Through this exhibition, to further promote the export of my work and opened up new markets for businesses to find new export growth point of great significance. Enterprises in market development, we must dare to go out, but also to avoid blindly go out and strengthen the national market research, do a solid job of work, be willing to invest, the only way to continue to become bigger and stronger, in order to bring more business efficiency.