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Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Poultry on accelerating the standardization of the views of scale of farming

Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Poultry on accelerating the standardization of the views of scale of farming

Farming Fa [2010] 6

Provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and cities of Animal and Veterinary (agriculture, animal husbandry) Board (Hall, commissions, offices), the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau:

Standardized scale livestock farming is the only way for the development of modern animal husbandry.

For the further implementation of the central economic work conference on ways to accelerate economic transformation and development of the central 1 file to speed up livestock on standardization, scale the spirit, to further develop aquaculture in the normative standard scale livestock production, protect the effective supply of animal products, raise livestock the quality and safety level of China's important role, Tuijin livestock production soon as possible from extensive to intensive, modern animal husbandry to promote continuous healthy and steady development are the following observations:

First, accelerating the standardization of the scale and urgency of the need for culture

In recent years, considerable progress in animal husbandry, meat, egg production remained the world's No. 1 for many years, animal husbandry output value of the share of total agricultural output value accounted for about 36%. For the protection of animal husbandry development of effective supply, increasing peasant income has made important contributions. At present, our country to modern animal husbandry is in a critical period of transition, various contradictions and problems highlighted: backward production mode and animal Zhiliang security risks, Yibingfangkong still severe, and large animal Shichang increased volatility, low increasing the scale of environmental pollution caused by increased feeding. These problems's presence has not adapt Quan social Duiyu effective supply of animal products quality and safety, public health, safety and environment safety, sustainable development of animal husbandry as Zhiyuexiandai bottleneck.

Development of standardized scale livestock farming, is to accelerate the transformation of the mode of production, an important part of building a modern animal husbandry. In recent years, in the central pigs, dairy cattle breeding size standards support policies, driven by accelerating development around the standardization of the scale of farming, the size of pigs and laying hens proportion of 60% and 76.9%, has become an important livestock market effective supply source. Accelerate the standardization of the scale of livestock farming, animal husbandry is conducive to enhancing production capacity, to protect livestock supply security; help to improve production efficiency and production levels and increase their income; conducive to safety from the source of product quality control, improve animal quality and safety standards; help effectively enhance disease prevention and control capacity and reduce disease risk, to ensure human and animal safety; help speed up the pastoral mode of production change, safeguarding national ecological security; conducive to the effective concentration of livestock and poultry Manure handling and resource utilization to achieve animal husbandry and environmental development.

Currently, standardization of large-scale breeding of livestock and poultry farming are still faced with the proportion of low-scale, standardized level is not high, waste treatment, such as the challenge pressure. Therefore, the priority must be based on long-term point, to speed up changes in livestock production, continue to push the standardization of the scale of farming, to promote standardization of scale to enhance the standard scale, and gradually form a standardized scale livestock breeding development of a new pattern. Animal husbandry and veterinary departments at all levels to effectively enhance the scale to accelerate standardization of livestock and poultry breeding a sense of responsibility and urgency, to intensify our work, innovation initiatives, to promote the standardization of the scale of livestock breeding to accelerate development.

Second, the guiding ideology and objectives

Present and future, to promote standardization of large-scale breeding of the guidelines is: thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development, policy guidance and support to further intensify efforts to combine agriculture and animal husbandry, appropriate scale-based, standardized production as the core, livestock Yang Zhi standardization model created as the carrier, and innovative institutional mechanisms to achieve balance between supply and demand animal products, production levels increase, steady increase breeding efficiency, quality and safety of animal products and reliable, resource development and utilization of appropriate, integrated and harmonious environment-friendly goal, to promote modern sound and rapid development of animal husbandry.

Try 2015, the proportion of the national large-scale breeding of livestock and poultry on the basis of a further increase in the current 10-15 percent, of which the proportion of standardized large-scale breeding farms accounted for 50% of the scale, standardized scale livestock and poultry farms on pollution or waste resource utilization, a major animal disease prevention and control capabilities significantly enhanced level of quality and safety of livestock products has improved significantly.

Third, strengthen the standardization of the layout scale farming

Standardized scale livestock farming is a long-term and systematic project, must be carefully plan, solid progress. Scale livestock farming should be standardized construction plan, included in the development of animal husbandry "12 5" plan overall consideration, taking into account with the National pigs, cows, beef cattle and sheep combined advantages of regional distribution planning, and local economic and social development program planning and planting layout dovetail. According to local conditions, guidance, agricultural planting and breeding areas should combine appropriate scale farming as the main push direction and pastoral areas should vigorously promote the construction of modern eco-home ranch. Throughout the proceed from reality, according to regional differences, considering the conditions of local forage resources, the assimilative capacity of the land Manure consumption level of economic development and other factors, carefully sort out development, a clear objective and comparative advantage, forming their own characteristics standardized scale production patterns. In accordance with Ministry of Land Resources, Ministry of Agriculture "on the promotion of large-scale animal farming land policy, the notice" (Guo Tu Zi Fa [2007] No. 220) requires, to ensure that large-scale breeding sites; in accordance with the "Grassland Law" the relevant provisions of the artificial forage land into grassland construction, protection and utilization of planning to ensure that pastoral areas of modern eco-home artificial forage pasture land.

4, vigorously promote the production of livestock and poultry standards

Standardized production of livestock and poultry is the presence of site layout, pig bed construction, with production facilities, seed selection, input use, health and epidemic prevention, waste treatment and so on strict enforcement of laws and regulations and related standards, the process of organizing production in accordance with procedures . Animal husbandry and veterinary authorities around the key areas to focus, focus on standards and revision, implementation and promotion, to achieve "six" and that is: of livestock and poultry breeding, aquaculture facilities, production standardization and institutionalization of prevention, waste treatment or harmless and supervision of normalization. According to local conditions, high quality and efficient use of livestock and poultry breeding, species from clear quarantine, to achieve improved varieties of livestock and poultry species; farm site layout should be scientific and reasonable to meet quarantine requirements, livestock sheds, husbandry and environmental control equipment and other production standardized production facilities to meet the needs of achieving breeding facilities; the implementation of livestock and poultry farms and residential registration system, to develop and implement scientific and standardized management of animal feeding regulations, preparation and use of safe and effective diet, strict compliance with feed, feed additives and veterinary drugs used in the regulations, standardization of production; improve immunization infrastructure, improve disease control system, the review of animal epidemic prevention, effective prevention of major animal epidemic diseases, to achieve immunization institutionalized; animal waste treatment method properly equipped and functioning Zheng Chang, Da Dao relevant emission standards, waste treatment to achieve harmless or resource use; in accordance with "Animal Law" "Regulations of feed and feed additives", "Veterinary Drug" and other laws and regulations on feed, feed additives and veterinary drugs and other inputs use, livestock and livestock identification file used to establish effective supervision, protection of animal products from the source quality and safety, achieve regulatory normalized. To establish and improve standards throughout the livestock production systems, strengthening key technical training and guidance to accelerate the popularization and application of relevant standards the pace of efforts to promote standardization of the level of production of livestock and poultry.

Fifth, promote the standardization of the industrial-scale farming operations

Standardized scale farming and industrialization combined to achieve the production and marketing of docking, to link the upstream and downstream industries, the basis for stable development of animal husbandry was more solid. In recent years, industrialization leading enterprises and specialized cooperative economic organizations in the development of standardized large-scale breeding has made a lot of successful experience. To continue to play a leading enterprise in the market competition and demonstration of their capacity to promote, encourage construction of standardized production base of leading enterprises to carry out construction of bio-security isolation area, "company + farmers" and other forms of development of standardized production. Actively support the Animal specialized cooperative economic organizations and trade associations in the development, give full play to promote its technology, industry self-regulation, Rights protection, the role of market development, size of farms and markets to achieve efficient docking. Animal husbandry and veterinary authorities around the information guidance and services to enhance and encourage the establishment of production areas and sales areas and sales cooperation mechanism between the signing of long-term stability of the livestock purchase and sale agreement; encourage livestock processing enterprises, large wholesale markets, supermarkets and standardization of the scale of farming Field sales account long-term stable cooperative relations, and promote the standardization of the scale of livestock breeding ground city branding efforts to achieve production levels, product outlet, effective and secure.

6, stressing livestock and poultry processing sound pollution

In recent years, livestock development on the ecological environment is becoming more evident in some areas increased the momentum of Animal Husbandry. 2007 Livestock Manure chemical oxygen demand (COD) emissions reached 12.683 million tons, accounting for CO D 41.9% of total emissions. Throughout the development of animal husbandry to persist in grasping the one hand and livestock pollution control, correctly handle the relationship between development and environmental protection. Pay close attention to introduction of livestock waste integrated prevention planning, highlight the reduction, sound and resource-oriented principle, the livestock waste control the scale of farming as an important part of standardization, reviewing and promoting integrated aquaculture waste prevention and resource utilization effective model. In connection with the actual local situation, take different treatment processes, on the farm to dry conservancy, rain and sewage diversion reform, reduction of waste water generated from the source volume; for Manure Absorptive capacity with livestock area, according to unified concept of ecological agriculture planning to utilization mainly to promote the planting and breeding combined with ecological models, to achieve Manure utilization, development of circular agriculture; for the relative concentration of livestock and poultry breeding areas of the scale, planning and construction of manure can be processing center (factory), production of organic fertilizer, turning waste into wealth; for Manure large and small around the area of cultivated land, land consumptive livestock and poultry farms with limited capacity to take industrial processing to achieve discharge standards. Livestock Manure Management in the grasp around the same time, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the animals died doing sound processing.

7, active in livestock activities to create a standardized model

To typical animal model drive is standard to accelerate an effective way to scale farming. 2010, our ministry will start the implementation of the livestock activities to create a standardized model to pigs, cows, hens, broilers, beef cattle and sheep to focus on a pilot basis in the main producing areas and gradually extended to the country, through policy support, advocacy training, technical guidance, demonstration drive, play a standard model fields in the standardization of production, animal epidemic prevention management, security, promotion of efficient feed, animal waste treatment and industrial management, etc. demonstration effect, and comprehensively promote the standardization of the scale of livestock and poultry breeding process. In accordance with the relevant provinces, autonomous regions require careful organization and implementation of the demonstration area to create the work, the scientific development of the implementation of programs to break down tasks, strengthen propaganda, and actively create a good atmosphere of broad participation; create a group of experts set up to strengthen the unit involved in the creation technical training and guidance to help create a process to solve the technical problems encountered; to organize the review and confirmation of work to ensure that activities create a just, fair, open and acceptance of compliance to grant the farm, "the Ministry of Agriculture pigs (or cows, laying hens, Chicken, beef cattle, sheep) standard model field "title. All localities should strengthen supervision and management of standard model fields and guidance, sum up experience, sure to create results. At the same time places where conditions permit with local conditions, organizations promoting various forms of demonstration.

8, strengthen the culture of the organization promoting the standardization of the scale of the leadership

Standardization of the scale of farming is to accelerate the development of livestock production grasps the fundamental change. Animal husbandry and veterinary departments at all levels should further enhance understanding, unity of thinking, practical scale of the development of livestock and poultry breeding standards as the current and future construction of modern animal husbandry a top priority, clear responsibility, and strengthen measures to ensure the development of ideas, building key assessment indicators. Standardized scale livestock and poultry breeding state support the policy of giving priority to funding demonstration field tilt. All localities should implement the pig, cow standard-sized farms (Community) The building and construction of large biogas projects, and actively seek local government policy and financial support to strengthen the standardization of the scale of livestock farms (Community) infrastructure to support large and medium livestock enterprises to carry out waste treatment, methane, etc., raise livestock and poultry Manure processing and utilization of capacity intensive. To take full advantage of the various news media, vigorously promote the importance of standardization of the scale of farming, promote the development of standardization of the scale of farming around the successful experience of universal standardization of production knowledge and enhance their awareness of the standardization of farm households. Play animal husbandry and veterinary technical support agencies, research institutes, industrial technical system and the technical advantages of industry associations, to carry out extensive training and standardization of production, improve livestock production level of standardization.

Animal husbandry and veterinary departments throughout this opinion in accordance with the spirit of working out specific measures to refine goals and tasks, effectively enhance the organization and the efforts to promote standardization of the scale of livestock breeding to achieve new leaps.