Department of Agriculture Office of the Eighth China International Agricultural Products Fair held in the preparations for the meeting of the supplementary notice

Provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities agriculture (farming) Office (commissions, bureaus), the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, Bureau of Agriculture, the relevant units:

For the comprehensive review "Eleventh Five-Year" since the development achievements of China's agriculture-related information technology, fully demonstrated the agriculture-related technology products and services, 提升 agricultural production and management informatization level, Quickening Modern Agricultural Development 和 socialist new countryside construction, and industrial I Bu and Information Technology in November to be co-hosted in Beijing, "Information Science and Modern Agriculture Exposition."

To streamline meetings, enhance efficiency, decided to "Information Science and Modern Agriculture Expo" Meeting and the preparatory work, "the Eighth China International Agricultural Products Fair" preparatory conference held in the merger. Notice the matter will now add the following.

Of the session content

Expo job-related increase in the deployment of content; to discuss the preparations for Expo program.

Second, participants

Provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), agriculture (farming) Hall (Commission, Council) combined with internal organizational structure and functions of the exposition is clear that the preparatory work for the Department (room, center). Please charge of the preparatory work for the Office of Fair Leadership and Service (room center) of the head of participants.

Third, the meeting schedule

The morning of April 12 to participate in the General Assembly, at fair work for fair participants of the preparatory work related.

4 Other matters

1, the meeting time and place to report in accordance with "Department of Agriculture Office of the Eighth China International Agricultural Products Fair held in the preparations for the meeting notice" (Office of Urban Agriculture 〔2010〕 10) implementation.

2, each unit on April 2 will be responsible for the work of the participants Expo receipt by fax to the Expo Leading Group Office and the Office of Henan Province to organize the work of the Commission and sent electronically to the specified mailbox.

3, Contact

(1) Leading Group Office of Fair

Contact: Bai Ling Zhang Boning

Tel :010-59191598 59192203

Fax :010-59192395


(2) organizing the work of the Commission's Office of Henan Province

Contact: Feng Yanping Liu Kun

Tel :0371-65918882 65918882

Annex: participants Receipt

March 30, 2010