Department of Agriculture Office of organizations for standardization of heat production demonstration garden created to inform the work of

【2010】 Agriculture Office of Ken 19

In order to implement the Central Document No. 1 of 2010, the spirit, vigorously promote the standardization of the production process and the hot heat for industrial development pattern, and I decided to organize the Department for standardized production of heat Demonstration Garden to create work, hereby notify the following.

I. Demonstration Garden to create the overall idea and main tasks

(A) The general idea

According to the central mode of economic development on the Transformation of the requirements of the scientific outlook on development as guidance, adhere to the general layout, outstanding advantages, the principle of steady advance, through the integration project, integrated technology, focus on investment, create a number of fine varieties, advanced technology, sound system standardized management, high quality and efficiency of the heat for standardized production demonstration garden. To demonstration garden as the carrier, to play its demonstration effect, and speed up the heat for standardized production processes and heat for industrial development pattern, and the promotion of industrial efficiency hot, hot area farmers income.

(B) of the main tasks

Heat for industry in 2010 to create a number of advantages in the region, including natural rubber, cassava, banana, litchi, longan, mango, coffee, macadamia nut and other tropical crops with regional characteristics, standardized production demonstration garden, demonstration garden area of the core area of building 20 mu, 200 mu of demonstration led more than 2,000 mu of radiation areas. Demonstration Garden's main task is:

1. Popularization of fine varieties. Demonstration and extension of our ministry released 7 major heat for 43 dominant species and a number of hot varieties Mingteyouxin thin to promote development of new strains, varieties play in improving the heat for product quality, yields the fundamental role of context.

2. Integrated application of advanced practical technologies. Combining local resources and the actual production, in flower and fruit, pest control, farm management, processing and other sectors Postharvest application of advanced practical technologies integrate and enhance scientific and technological achievements conversion and science and technology to promote the heat for industrial growth effect.

3. The implementation of standardized production of standard management. Issued by the Ministry of heat in my production of technical specifications for standardization based on the actual development for the local production of standardized production technology point of order, establish and improve input chemicals, production records, product testing, marketing, etc. 制度 explore the establishment of heat trace system for product quality to protect critical production processes and standards for specific technical measures of major production, operation specifications, the standard production throughout the production process.

4. To play a leading role model. A field class, expert lectures, technical training, published materials, etc., the use of demonstration garden to create experiences and achievements, to help neighboring farmers solve practical problems in production, to fully make good demonstration effect.

Second, organize the demonstration garden project applied for approval

(A) demonstration garden should have the basic conditions

1. Regional conditions. Demonstration garden should be located in hot layout planning within the regional advantages of the main producing areas, transport facilities, good infrastructure.

2. Scale conditions. Standardized production of natural rubber contiguous scale demonstration garden for more than 5,000 acres; banana, lychee, longan, mango, cassava, pineapple, coffee, macadamia contiguous scale standardized production demonstration garden for more than 1,000 acres; other hot contiguous scale standardized production demonstration garden more than 200 acres.

3. Units conditions. Undertake the task of the production unit to create an independent legal entity; Demonstration Garden has more than 5 years legal land use rights; have two or more mid-level titles (including intermediate) over a certain amount of production technology and technical personnel; equipped with seeds and products Quality inspection professionals; its products were harmless products, green food, organic farm produce one or GAP Renzheng trademarks, geographical indications Dengji; with the more advanced level of production and a certain standardization of the production base; the drive to create initiative and demonstrate the capability. Under the same conditions, our ministry base in South Asia, tropical crops and industrial upgrading famous demonstration base priority project.

(B) of the organization declared. Provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) department of agriculture (land reclamation, hot, same below) organization created in this sector reported job Demonstration Garden. Declared commitment to create a demonstration garden flat fill out the "Hot for standardized production of the 2010 Declaration of the Model Park" (see annex), submitted to the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) of agricultural departments of first instance. Provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) of agricultural departments of the reporting unit will be preliminary list of qualified and official seal of the return (in duplicate) was submitted to me in early April the Department of Land Reclamation Board (Ministry of Agriculture Development Office of the South Asian tropical crops), while electronic document sent to mail: .

Limit adopted for declaration of provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) department of agriculture to declare the same number of crop demonstration garden no more than 5.

(C) review project. The Ministry in April on the first trial in mid-qualified group of experts organized demonstration garden assessment form review comments. The Ministry of Land Reclamation Board I (Ministry of Agriculture Development Office of the South Asian tropical crops) through the audit, to project.

Third, strengthen the work of the Demonstration Garden to create the organization and leadership

(A) strengthening the organizational leadership. I set up the heat for standardized production demonstration garden Chuangjian leading group and the group of experts, specifically by the Bureau of Reclamation (Department of Agriculture Office for South Asia's tropical crops) lead, for demonstration garden created for the overall planning, comprehensive coordination, assessment evaluation and technical guidance. Provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) for the establishment of provincial-level standardized production of heat Demonstration Garden to create the leading group and expert group, under the unified planning and annual plan to guide the unit organizations to create work. Demonstration Garden units bear the establishment of the implementation team was created to ensure the demonstration garden of the work to create solid progress, to achieve tangible results.

(B) to strengthen the task. Ministry of heat for Group I, the provincial agriculture department and the demonstration counties expert work group of experts classification guidance. Technical regulations in accordance with the general requirements of standardized production, good job training, guiding the implementation of standardized production management demonstration garden. Strengthen coordination and mobilization of scientific research, promote the sector, create units, farmers and other aspects of the initiative and focused, a division of labor, and join forces and work together to create a demonstration garden work.

(C) strengthening policy support. The Ministry will integrate support for the project demonstration garden to create work. The agricultural sector at all levels should actively seek the support of the local government and relevant departments to increase the field of infrastructure and commercial postharvest handling, storage and transport facilities construction investment, improving production conditions demonstration garden, demonstration garden to enhance the production, standardization of production and technical personnel training, to ensure demonstration garden created to achieve solid results.

(D) do a good job summing up acceptance. Competent authorities at all levels should strengthen supervision Demonstration Garden to create work, create work to ensure solid progress. Timely sum up, exchange and dissemination of advanced experience demonstration garden created. Project funds to strengthen supervision, to ensure special funds for safe and effective use. Timely inspection and acceptance organized, timely publication of inspection results, for the next year to further provide the basis for promoting the Demonstration Garden.

Annex: "Hot for standardized production of the 2010 Declaration of the Model Park"

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