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2010 on the invitation to participate in international trade fairs in Paris, France letter

2010 on the invitation to participate in international trade fairs in Paris, France letter

Light Direct Mail [2010]   21


on the invitation to participate in international trade fairs in Paris, France letter

The unit:

    International Trade Fair in Paris, France is a French professional development of home and household goods, the buyer related to the French in every aspect of the distribution chain, retailers, sourcing offices, distributors, direct mail and other business, the buyer agreed that this exhibition is an effective way to purchase consumer goods.

    The People's Republic of China Ministry of Commerce of the exhibition is included in the 2010 key support and nurture the foreign exhibition, exhibitors is organized by I will specifically be responsible. Fact sheets now show the following:

Time: September 3, 2010 -7 Days

Location: Exhibition Centre Le Bourget

Host: Agor Group

◆ Exhibition Description:

  Paris International Trade Fair has been successfully held 47 sessions, exhibition area 30,000 m , The buyer is approximately 10,000, of whom 83% are business decision makers in purchasing. Show by 4 components: decorative and personal items HABITAT Museum, education supplies and children's entertainment products of JOUETS Museum, home and outdoor hobbies OUTDOOR DIY shops and discount goods zones DESTOCK 'Museum. In addition, the exhibition for the Asian exhibitors added ASIA PAVILLION. Japan, India, Taiwan exhibitors to be participating.

◆ Exhibits:

Gifts and Decorations: Christmas gifts, promotional gifts, gift packaging, household decorations, ceramic ornaments, resin ornaments, etc.

Home textile: curtains, table cloth, blankets, carpets, towels, bedding, kitchen textiles, bath textiles, etc.

Outdoor leisure and gardening products: all kinds of garden ornaments, gardening tools, outdoor supplies, barbecue equipment

Toys and holiday supplies: wooden toys, plush toys, porcelain dolls, sports toys, model toys, mechanical toys, electric toys, holiday items and party supplies

Fashion Accessories: All kinds of bags, hats, scarves, fashion jewelry, jewelry and various accessories

Project Leader:

Nie Zhuo were   Tel: 01067749362     Fax: 01067705379     Email: kenny.nie @ cccla.org.cn    

2010 International Trade Fair in Paris, France charges

( September 3, 2010 - September 7 )

Item Head

Name Say

Fee   Use

Equipment            Note

International segment expenses

Booth fee

EUR 350 / m

With standard and decoration (9 square meters onwards);

Corner costs


Booth fee by 10% of fee

Proceedings landing fee

EUR 300 / enterprise

Proceedings published in exhibition, promotion and exhibition of overseas businessmen will be invited to

With the special exhibition fee

Calculated according to actual

Exhibits freight

RMB 2,900 / M 3

Clearing the actual expenditure during the collection, including exhibits sea freight, storage charges and the cost of booth exhibits shipped to

Staff costs

To be determined

Accompanying exhibition: with international air tickets, accommodation, transport and other outside

To be determined

Full-mission: with international air tickets, overseas accommodation, transport, post-show business investigation

Cost of domestic segment

Registration fee Organization

RMB 1,000 / person

Invitation issued by the costs, domestic and international communication, information costs, into the museum card.

Visa fee


Self-signed free


1. Exhibits, including exhibits from the domestic set of freight to transport goods to the exhibition booth on the unit transport costs, which set of goods and exhibits at home and abroad with customs clearance fees, and exhibits tariffs.

2. Cost of some foreign press demands for foreign exchange payments. Bank of China exchange rate shall be the date of settlement.

3. Payee: China Light Industry Arts & Crafts Import & Export Chamber of Commerce

   RMB Bank: Agricultural Bank of China Beijing Branch Panjiayuan

   Account   No.:       220201040000158

   Remittance purposes:     Paris Trade Fair 2010

4. Reprint after you have money I will fax to (010 --- 67705379) for future reference.

5. The project can apply for state financial subsidies for SMEs to develop international markets.

6. The specific costs of the project is still possible to adjust the actual situation