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Liu Fang-Fei CCTV will be dismissed? Rumors that many frozen inconclusive

Liu Fang-Fei CCTV will be dismissed? Rumors that many frozen inconclusive

Inventory female anchor of giants love love names package Liu Fang Fei
     Recently, news that officials in connection with a certain, originally touted by CCTV Liu Fang Fei small artistes who have been ordered frozen by CCTV, and CCTV has been recently held secret internal ballot, ready to elect a successor Liu Fang Fei female anchor. CCTV reporter called yesterday confirmation from the other side when the credibility of news to announce, Liu Fang Fei CCTV will not be dismissed, there was no so-called internal vote.

"Liu Fang Fei will not be dismissed"

For the "XX Liu Fang Fei replace" the message said, "Liu Fang Fei original negative press coverage now, the public credibility of continuing to decline, Iraqis Fangfei hard to stay" in view of the CCTV interview insider responded: "Liu Fang Fei doomed? Not ah , well stay ah. she is still our host station, have not heard her to resign, foster a host is to take a heavy price, as long as she did not break the law, we would not dismiss her. "

"Internal poll" do not fly

As mentioned in response to the message, "CCTV internal voting", the tone of the staff is full of disdain, she said: "The internal voting? Joking, something like a look that is false, and that manufacturing the news people do not understand the internal CCTV system. For the host, we have a sound assessment system, which involves the host program assessment ratings, reputation and influence public opinion, internal evaluation, error rate and so many aspects , not everyone together to open will say, 'We have to pitch for so and so who is' on the line of. so leave it! "

"We also Tingzhi internal rumors"

Reporter noted, Liu Fang Fei CCTV blog site is last updated on March 28 in the morning around 9 o'clock, about half from the time now, so this confirmation CCTV Liu Fang Fei is still working. The other replied: "I do not know this, our internal rumors Tingzhi, some said her leave, and some say is the top award of the long holiday to her adjustments, it was also two days ago to see her in the studio also Office there. may all have to wait until after this storm has the answer. "

The reporters found that "frozen" or very likely to be true. ('s Easy to Philosophy)