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On the convening of "Three One" project management and "12 5" Agricultural Information Notice of Planning Conference

On the convening of "Three One" project management and "12 5" Agricultural Information Notice of Planning Conference

All provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities Agriculture Department (Board Committee):

Good for the preparation of the Ministry of Agriculture, "Agricultural Information Special Planning Demonstration Project (2011-2015)" and "agricultural information construction plan (2011-2015)", the implementation of the 2010 "Three-One" Financial project budget, to strengthen project management, our company will be held on April 26 to 30 held in Beijing on the "Three One" project management and "12 5" Agricultural Information Planning Workshop. Hereby notify the following:

Of the session content

1. Research and writing of "demonstration projects for agricultural information Special Plan (2011-2015)" and "agricultural information construction plan (2011-2015)";

2. To discuss "Agriculture Government Website Construction and Management Standards" and "norms on the Government website promoting the construction of agricultural guidance";

3. Concluded 2010 "Three-One" Financial project contract (project contract attached).

Second, participants

Jilin, Heilongjiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Shandong, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Guangxi, Chongqing, Department of Agriculture (Commission, Council) is responsible for the preparation of information technology planning and the 2010 "Three-One" Financial management of project implementation, Comrade ; Chinese Academy of Agricultural information, China Agricultural University, Information and Electrical Engineering, Information Center Ministry of Agriculture responsible comrades.

Third, the meeting time and place of

Conference: April 26 Daily News that 27 to 30, meeting

Venue: Zaojunmiao 5, Haidian District, Beijing Hui Yuan Hotel in vegetables (Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences East Gate)

4 Other matters

1. Invited participants gathered in the region "12 5" during the construction of agricultural information needs of materials (including e-government building), and taken to the meeting.

2. Please units under the "Ministry of Agriculture, issued in 2010 on Three One pilot project funding of agricultural information service notice" (Agricultural Finance Fa [2010] 8) requirements, fill out the "2010" Three-One "Financial project contract, "stamped provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) Office (Bureau, appointed) official seal, and taken to the meeting.

3. Invited participants bring their own laptop to participate in the drafting of the preparation of related materials.

4. Please units on April 23 comrades will come to the list of participants by phone or fax the information to do our company report.

5. Conference Accommodation: Accommodation by the Conference Affairs on behalf of the unified arrangement of traffic to and from their own expense.

6. Contact Us

Contact: Xu Jia M

Tel :010-59191507

Fax :010-59192395

Attachment: "2010" Three-One "Financial Project contract"

April 14, 2010