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Fair traders significantly increased the number of exchange rate fluctuations of foreign trade enterprises should make moves

Fair traders significantly increased the number of exchange rate fluctuations of foreign trade enterprises should make moves

107th Chinese Export Commodities Fair concluded the first phase in 19. Statistics from the General Assembly that this session and the turnover number of merchants to be a marked increase than last year.

"From the practical business perspective, this 'recovery' depends on the global market changing to the background, but also and especially China's foreign trade policy to keep RMB exchange rate stability are inseparable." Tool Co., Ltd. Ningbo United States and Canada in particular, Chairman Li Zhong said.

However, in the "thank you" exchange rate "stability maintenance" to provide a good environment, enterprises are worried about improved every day of the trade data may be "stimulate" the pressure of RMB appreciation of the experience of Waibu further changes large.
In the hope that the future exchange rate continue to "safeguard stability" in the same time, many foreign trade enterprises in China to take precautions to speed up growth pattern, and to get rid of "policy dependency syndrome."

Exchange rate stability and export turnover of more than

Be regarded as China's foreign trade in the "barometer" and "wind vane" of the 107th Canton Fair, a total of 23,359 Chinese and foreign exhibitors.

According to the Deputy Secretary-General of Canton, spokesman Chen Chaoren description, the Canton Fair to be an overseas total of 104,169 buyers who eventually helped up by 13.3% over last year; export turnover of 17.1 billion U.S. dollars, up over last Autumn Fair 9.8%.

Enterprises generally agreed that multiple factors contribute to the clients and transactions will be a big increase, of which the Chinese enterprises, the RMB exchange rate remained stable occupy an important position.

"Our current concern is the foreign trade enterprises 'rate of 4 price of three' - the RMB exchange rate, deposit and lending rates, export tax rebate rate and crude oil prices, raw material prices, labor prices, export prices, which particularly concerned about the RMB's appreciation. Fortunately Participation The Government has repeatedly during the stance that we feel the recent enterprise is guaranteed a stable exchange rate is conducive to export transactions. "Zhong said particular reason.

Upward pressure on a double boost

For now, though enjoying the benefits of the RMB exchange rate stable, but Chinese enterprises still the exchange rate as a "heart stone" great regret.

In this year's trade, although the authorities have repeatedly exchange rate policy stance will remain stable, but the Fair on the export business concerns still exist.

"The most direct impact of RMB appreciation is to make China's products reduce the profit and loss of price advantage, competition is reduced." Shenzhen Yan Gallon Industrial Development Co., Ltd. bathroom tile sales manager, said Hao waves.

This concerns first of all from the growing external pressures. This year, the United States led in some countries frequently put pressure on the RMB exchange rate.

"Europe and America for its own sake often referred to the yuan exchange rate, which makes our company feel pins and needles." A manufacturer of small household electrical appliances enterprises in Guangdong, said such sales manager.

However, some industry insiders said that many of China's foreign trade enterprises are so sensitive on the RMB's appreciation, and some low level of enterprise products, over-reliance on cost-effectiveness, the relative lack of international competitiveness is directly related. Fair York and introduced the Secretary-General, according to previous enterprise survey conducted thoroughly, more than 3% of the RMB appreciation will lead to complete disappearance of most of the profits of enterprises and even loss.

Another "stimulus" Chinese enterprises to the RMB exchange rate sensitive and important factor is the current complex international trade environment remains. Chen Chaoren said that while the first buyers to the Council and the steady rise of the export transaction presented posture, but compared to pre-crisis levels, a gap still has not recovered to the level before the financial crisis, business difficulties also increased.

Enterprises should actively take precautions

Faced with the current environment and the overall stability of the exchange rate appreciation is still heavy pressure on journalists to see the Canton Fair, many Chinese enterprises have started to take precautions to take some measures against future possible appreciation pressure.

Import and Export Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Chunlan Feng Bin, General Manager, said: "The question is weather the exchange rate, we can only lay their 'umbrella'." He said, "umbrella", on the one hand by the cost of long-term lock knot exchange earnings; On the other hand, is to increase added value through technological innovation, win through quality.

Some companies say, to seize the initiative in the exchange rate issue, the key lies in the ability of independent R & D or high value-added products. Guangdong New Pearl Ceramics Group International general manager Wu Mingang that promote its own brand is not easy, but good prospects.

Some enterprises to vigorously explore new markets. Participate in the Fair Haier Group's Overseas Division Middle East Region marketing director Non-Qing-Fu Zhang said the company carried a lot of new products designed to participate in trade fairs, this year's program areas in the Middle East and other emerging markets made up 50%