McKinnon held on project management and related applications, technical training courses to inform provincial platform

Agricultural information [2010] 23

Provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), agriculture (farming, forestry) Office (Bureau, the Committee), the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, Bureau of Agriculture McKinnon Project Implementation Unit:

To further improve payment agricultural project implementation, the promotion of the Ministry, provincial project, now scheduled for May 7, 2010 to 14 in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, McKinnon held project management and related applications, the provincial platform technology training classes, and deploy the next phase. Arrangements to inform as follows:

First, training

1. Portal application deployment

2. Publicizing the third phase of standards


Provincial support platform component development, management, maintenance and application

4. Provincial Science and Technology Information Service System Platform Application

Second, time and place

Time: 2010 May 7 Daily News that the training of 8 -14 days, 15 from the Council

Location: Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, Zhoushan Road, Wuzhong District Administration of Customs, 58 Foreign Affairs Training Base in Suzhou

Third, participants

Each province (autonomous regions and municipalities) 2, including project implementation unit and the specific staff members responsible for leading the 1.

Fourth, training costs

Training the personnel training and training accommodation costs during the unified arrangement of round-trip transportation expense.

5, registration form

Please provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) on April 30 will be sent to the training receipt e-mail: , or fax :010-59192780

Contact: Wang Jianong Tel :010-59191624

Ignition Facility Tel :0512-66083888 (24 hours)

VI Other matters

May 7 day for them to stay in Suzhou railway station, please fill out the training on behalf of receipt (see Annex) in order for them to stay relevant good work.

Annex: Training Receipt

April 26, 2010