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Ministry of Agriculture on the issuance of the "national popular Fertilization technology demonstration counties (farms) to create the program of work" notice

Ministry of Agriculture on the issuance of the "national popular Fertilization technology demonstration counties (farms) to create the program of work" notice

Agriculture Agricultural Development [2010] 3

Provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, separately listed cities agriculture (farming) Office (commissions, bureaus), the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, Bureau of Agriculture, Heilongjiang, Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Reclamation:

In order to implement the central leadership at the State Department documents and instructions to speed up scientific fertilization technology promotion, efforts to solve irrational fertilization, and effectively improve fertilizer use efficiency, the ministry decided to organize a nationwide Fertilization popular actions, the organizations in the country Fertilization and technology popularization demonstration counties (farms) (hereinafter referred to as "the Model County") to create, and explore the entire village, the whole village, the entire counties Fertilization and working mechanism of the effective model, model driven soil testing fertilization to promote the work of the entire county, to promote the work of the National Fertilization-depth and comprehensive sustainable development.

Now the "national popular Fertilization technology demonstration counties (farms) to create the work program," issued to you. Please follow the "2010 National Fertilization subsidy project implementation guidance," and the program requirements, development of the province and municipalities to implement programs to create demonstration counties, selected demonstration counties to determine, refine goals and tasks, work responsibilities, to strengthen organization and leadership, strengthen supervision and inspection to ensure the smooth operations of model creation. Demonstration counties in the organization of the country to create work, according to local conditions to organize the province create a working demonstration counties and municipalities.

In the May 30, the country of your provinces to create demonstration programs and the implementation of the county to create a concrete demonstration county work program submitted to the Division I Management of the Department of planting. At the same time, send electronic documents to cetushifei@agri.gov.cn.

Tel :010-59191834, 59191509, mailing address: Chaoyang District, Beijing Agricultural Exhibition Hall, 11 South Lane, Postcode: 100125.

Annex: National Fertilization and technology popularization demonstration counties (farms) to create the work program

April 26, 2010


Fertilization technology nationwide popular demonstration counties (farms) to create the work program

One document to follow out the central and the State Council Lingdaozhishi Jing Shen, Jia Kuai scientific fertilization Jishutuiguang, focus Jiejue irrational fertilization Wen Ti, Qieshitigao fertilizer use efficiency, I decided at the national level within the Bu Zuzhikaizhan Fertilization Puji action Tong Shi, focused on creating 100 Fertilization and technology popularization demonstration counties (farms) (hereinafter referred to as "the Model County"), to explore mechanisms to establish patterns, establishing models to guide and promote Fertilization in-depth ongoing.

1, general requirements and main objectives

In accordance with the requirements of the development of modern agriculture to soil testing and fertilizer subsidy program as the basis, in order to solve the difficult technical guidance services in place, the formula for fertilizer production facilities out of line and fertilization problems behind a breakthrough, adhere to the "build ministries and provinces, government-led, multi- participation, focused, innovative development "principle, strengthen organizational leadership, coordinate multi-force, establish and improve scientific fertilization extension system and promote the use of fertilizers and networks, efforts to build a whole village, the whole village, the whole county to promote the technical modalities and working mechanisms Fertilization for the country to provide different types, different regions of the universal soil testing and fertilizer technology demonstration model.

During the creation process, the Model County to find out the status of the main crop fertilizer, fertilizer application of the main problems to study the control of chemical fertilizer to determine the total region and sub-crops, sub-regional level by applying fertilizer, with three years to achieve the following Objectives:

(A) technical support for the powerful. Healthy soil and fertilizer technology promotion team, laboratory analysis facilities and complete quality guarantee system, the main crop fertilizer system all set up, County Land Resources Management Information System, soil testing and fertilizer data management system and expert advice system is built, based in the county to further sustainable Fertilization carried out to provide strong technical support.

(B) with N supply and secure. Establish and improve the development and release mechanism of fertilizer formula, with two more by "big formula" production of medium-sized enterprises designated to build supply networks throughout the county rural service system formula fertilizer supply, with production facilities for the effective working mechanism of the interface.

(Iii) technology promotion all popular. Increase the density of dug soil testing, covering all agricultural land soil types, technical guidance, demonstration shows cover all administrative villages, science and technology demonstration households, grower and farmer cooperative organizations generally get personalized guidance to promote the use of technology to major crops, food cottonseed oil yield of a model piece of sugar, tea, fruit and vegetable demonstration garden to create the standard park full implementation of Fertilization, basically within the county sub-regional, sub-crops, sub-species fertilization by side.

Second, work tasks

County to create the target control model, combined with practical, focused, push forward to create the work. Create a task in general as follows:

(A) develop scientific formula. Maintain and promote stable soil and fertilizer technology team to enhance the daily maintenance and quality control laboratories to ensure the normal operation of the laboratory. In accordance with the "three-year cycle of" the adoption of soil testing and soil requirements, dynamic monitoring of changes in soil nutrient status, fertilizer field experiment carried out continuously revised system of crop fertilizer, improve soil testing and fertilizer expert consultation system. Use of Fertilization and technological achievements, according to local agricultural production practice, and seeds, cultivation and fertilizer manufacturers and other sectors combined, joint research and optimize the fertilizer formula, to ensure the scientific formulation of fertilizer, adaptability to meet the actual needs of agricultural production.

(B) Construction of fertilizers and supply network. Encouraged to actively explore effective demonstration counties fertilizers and modes of supply, promote the use of the current major mode: First, to promote the sector to guide the establishment, production companies, distribution companies, such as the main grower fertilization specialized cooperative organizations, to implement systems system for measuring system with system facilities. Second, to support enterprises to establish production and sales of fertilizers and distribution chain outlets, the implementation of fertilizers and direct supply to the village. The third is to support the establishment of fertilizer manufacturing enterprise in the rural stations with fertilizer, introduced by side with fertilizer, demand for fertilizer. Fourth, the county-level agricultural sector fertilizer distribution network from the existing village, the screening identified fertilizers and direct supply networks, organizations, enterprises and their docking formula fertilizer production, the supply of fertilizer formula. Fifth, bridging the agricultural sector, leading fertilizer enterprise network by operating a chain of agricultural supply and marketing cooperatives, the Ministry of Commerce, "Ten Thousand Villages" market engineering services systems, postal logistics and distribution channels, direct supply for rural formulated fertilizer. Model County based on the actual situation, to explore appropriate models to determine 1-2 kinds. At the same time, strengthen market supervision fat recipes, supervise the distribution of fertilizers and fertilizer sales ledger service network set up to establish the quality of the traceability system, and earnestly safeguard the interests of farmers.

(C) promote the use of formula fertilizer. Explore the establishment of effective fertilizers and promotion incentives. Joint approach to agricultural enterprises, the agricultural sector together with fertilizers and countryside enterprises, carry out the technology integration services, materials, publicity and promotion formula fertilizer. Establishing an information service network in the township, using Fertilization Expert Advisory System (touch screen), bulletin boards, display cards and other promotional information on soil testing, prescription information and fertilization, year-round promotion formula fertilizer. Sales outlets in the village-level technical guidance to implement the program on the wall fertilization, guiding farmers to buy fertilizer by side by side fertilization. To serve the farmer and grower cooperative organizations as a starting point to explore the establishment of a professional system for integrated test system with system facilities service model.

(D) building model display network. Combination of cotton and oil yield of a model piece of sugar and tea, fruit and vegetable garden of a model park construction standards, using farmer cooperative organizations, grower, science and technology demonstration households and so on, at least in each county to establish a demonstration Fertilization mu demonstration area . At the same time, each administrative village building a more than 20 acres of Fertilization technology demonstration, training more than 5 demonstration households. Demonstration areas and demonstration sites to do "with the guidance of experts including films, there is science and technology demonstration households, compared with the Model field, there are smart badges", that "certainly, the timing, setting crops, given the amount of fertilizer," fertilization, effectively serve as a model leading role.

(E) strengthening the technical guidance services. Through various forms of technology to promote Fertilization villages and peasant households. Established in each administrative village, a fixed Fertilization information bulletin column, release fertilizer formulations, fertilizer supply and demand information, technical guidance fertilization program information. In the spring, the "three summer" season of autumn and winter cultivation and other key farming seasons, organization and administration to promote scientific research and teaching experts Fenpianbaogan, through training courses, held on-site meetings, issuing cards and fertilization techniques to understand the proposed paper and methods for farmers face to face guidance services. To the grower, science and technology demonstration households and the establishment of farmer cooperatives, etc. files to carry out personalized guidance services. In the process of guiding services, to pay attention to fertilizer machine facilities, water and fertilizer deep application integration and promote the use of efficient fertilization technology to guide farmers to build manure more savings, more local conditions, Enrichment of Organic Fertilizer, Straw, planting green manure. Strengthen and standardize formulators ranks, give full play to formulators in the scientific application of fertilizers in the role of extension services.

3, steps

(A) make arrangements. Ministry of Agriculture created the issuance of national demonstration program of work for the county, held a meeting to start to create work. Provinces (regions, municipalities) Department of Agriculture (Commission, Council) from the Government attaches importance to high, a good working basis, large-scale farming, chemical fertilizer and more important task of Point Source Pollution consolidation project counties to determine the selection demonstration counties, organizations created to develop implementation plans in the region to guide the work of the Model County to develop specific programs to create a clear division of responsibilities, refine goals and tasks, and the demonstration counties signed letters of responsibility to create goals, create work to mobilize the arrangement.

(B) organizing the implementation. Provincial agriculture departments to develop guidance demonstration counties formulated fertilizer supply networks, network-building model showing the planning, research to determine the whole village, the whole village, the entire county to promote the work of Fertilization mechanisms and technology promotion model, explore and sum formula fertilizer production, supply and effective operational mechanism . Ministry of Provincial Fenpianbaogan experts to help find out the fertilization status of the Model County to study the development of sub-regional, sub-crop fertilization program by side, perfect system of crop fertilizer, the establishment of fertilization expert consulting system. Model County in accordance with the established programs and planning, organization created to implement the various tasks.

(C) inspection and acceptance. Ministry of Agriculture and the provincial agriculture department created to track progress throughout the demonstration counties, timely carry out supervision and inspection. Provincial agriculture departments in each county to conduct on-site inspection of the model, the Ministry of Agriculture under the provincial inspection results on the spot testing, the achievement of objectives of the demonstration counties created to carry out evaluation, inspection to determine the national spread Fertilization technology demonstration counties (farms).

(D) summarize the promotion. During the creation process, while making exploration, sum up, side and spread good model, mechanisms and experiences, and to the country Fertilization and technology popularization demonstration counties (farms) as a model demonstration project led other counties as a whole formulation fertilizer to promote soil testing .

4, the main measures

(A) to strengthen organization and leadership. Ministry of Agriculture to promote the whole county Fertilization attached high importance to the deployment of the main leaders in person, in charge of leaders tackled, the relevant departments of the formulation of joint research programs. Create a work into the Ministry of Agriculture, the Model County goal of performance appraisal. Local agricultural sector to improve Fertilization leading group, the universal soil testing and fertilizer operations and demonstration counties agenda of important work to create, organize, implement, and implementation. Model County Fertilization should work as a government to handle the practical one of the farmers, into the areas of performance evaluation. Name of the government held a meeting to make arrangements to create the work, coordinate administrative, marketing, science, education, enterprises, multi-force organizations to implement the demonstration counties to create task.

(B) strengthening the supervision and management. To strengthen supervision and inspection of the Model County, on the problems found in time rectification, ensure that all measures are in place. Creating the Model County to implement the system performance evaluation and acceptance of who have not passed the acceptance will be eligible for cancellation of the Model County project. To strengthen market supervision fertilizer formula, regular market surveillance organization, normative use of fertilizers and identify actions to crack down on adulterated, stolen by nutrients and other illegal acts, to ensure that peasants use scientific formulas, quality and reliable formula fertilizer.

(C) strengthen the awareness training. Use of radio, television, newspapers, Internet, media and text messages, calendar, calendars, brochures and other farmers loved effective way to publicize Fertilization, do TV and radio, newspapers and periodicals have the text, the wall paintings Online Sources, and increase their awareness of scientific fertilization, to create a good atmosphere for public opinion. Meanwhile, dealers and farmers to strengthen advocacy training, guidance formulated fertilizer dealers, farmers to use fertilizers and improve the scientific level of fertilization.