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Cordyceps sinensis in 2010 the second round of meetings to inform the International Conference on

Cordyceps sinensis in 2010 the second round of meetings to inform the International Conference on

Agricultural grass (to do) Fa [2010] 27

Relevant units, experts:

Cordyceps resource management for the exchange of experience, regulate trade order acquisition and market share the results of scientific research, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation in the conservation of biological diversity, Wei Hu producing social, economic and environmental coordination for sustainable development and the origin farmer income Zeng Zhang, from agriculture Department of Grassland Management Centre, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) jointly organized the "2010 International Conference on Chinese caterpillar fungus," will be held 8-10 June 2010 held in Xining, Qinghai.

China, Bhutan, India and Nepal four Cordyceps country of origin for integrated resource management officials will report on domestic and foreign experts will be cultivated Cordyceps sinensis, Cordyceps product development and resource management, ecological and environmental protection the theme of a special report. During the meeting, also announced that the International Research and Information Center of Cordyceps sinensis was formally established.

Meetings on specific issues now notified as follows:

First, the theme

Cordyceps Resources and Environment

Second, the competent units

The People's Republic of China Ministry of Agriculture

Three, the organizers

Grassland Management Centre, Ministry of Agriculture

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)

Four co-organized by

Qinghai Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Department

Grassland Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Chinese Academy of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning Institute of Agriculture

Applied Biological Sciences Research Centre International (CABI)

V. Project undertaker

Ministry of Agriculture Trade Promotion Centre

Qinghai Grassland Management Station

6, co-unit

Qinghai Cordyceps Jiu Ying International Trade Centre

7, the session

(A) the meeting time and place

Time: 8-10 June 2010, June 8 day report.

Venue: Xining, Qinghai Qinghai Hotel (Hotel Address: Huanghe Road, Xining City Area West 158, Tel :0971-6148999).

Hotel location away from the Caojiabao Airport 30 km, 8 km from Xining Railway Station. June 8 Organizing Committee arranged at the airport and railway station all day for them to stay.

(B) the content of the meeting

June 9 opening of the morning and four comprehensive report country of origin.

Invited pm on June 9 report.

June 10 special day in two venues, one artificial cultivation of Cordyceps sinensis and product development, and second, Chinese caterpillar fungus resources management and environmental protection.

Arrangements are attached.

(C) The Assembly Language

Conference working languages are Chinese and English, the venue is equipped with simultaneous translation.

(D) Conference Accommodation

Conference Organizing Committee will provide participants with different standards of room service information, the specific site at the meeting ( http://www.grassland.gov.cn / Conference) on the query. Notice of participation, the room for free broadband.

8, Registration and Fees

(A) Conference Registration

Please pay close attention to the time participants landing site in 2010 International Conference on Cordyceps sinensis ( http://www.grassland.gov.cn / Conference) to register.

(B) Registration fee

Costs for conference materials, simultaneous translation, meals, shuttle stops transport.

1. China and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan participants registration fees:

In the May 1, 2010 Registration, 1600 yuan / person, students (with valid student ID) 1000 yuan / person.

After 1 May 2010 registration, registration fees will be uniform up 400.

2. All holders of foreign passports on behalf of participants in the registration fee:

In the May 1, 2010 registration, the U.S. dollar 350 yuan / person, students (with valid student ID) USD 230 yuan / person.

After 1 May 2010 registration, registration fees will rise 70 U.S. dollars unity.

(C) Payment

Beneficiary: Ministry of Agriculture Trade Promotion Centre

Account Number: 040101040009415

Bank: Agricultural Bank of China, Chaoyang Road North Branch

9, Contact

Contact: Liu is 010-59194717

Tao Weiguo 010-59192193

Fax :010-65003752

E-mail: liuqizheng@agri.gov.cn

More information is available http://www.grassland.gov.cn / Conference

Annex: Conference schedule by

May 24, 2010