Xiao Li, Deputy Commissioner for strengthening regional customs clearance to visit Tianjin

May 26, Xiao Li, Deputy Commissioner, Customs Department, led the regulatory, business divisions and the Baoji-site person in charge went to Tianjin Customs Customs visited the research, and Deputy Commissioner of Customs Xiao Yanong Tianjin, Tianjin Xingang Customs Minister and Deputy Commissioner of Customs and Excise Wang Jiapeng charge of relevant departments in a meeting. Xiao Li, Deputy Commissioner, introduced last year since I closed through Tianjin port transit, Quyu clearance operations Present Conditions and the Xi'an International Port District facilities and customs control areas, prospects for development of Tianjin Customs to give me off the job support and help thanks and hope that the two customs in the "dependency declaration port clearance" operations to further strengthen contact and coordination to ensure the customs supervision in place.
XIAO Ya Primary Products, said the Commissioner will continue to support transit and inland customs clearance regional business development, and hoped to clearance of the area the past few years to sum up the operation, further improve the regulatory approach, to promote rapid and efficient development of regional economy. Discussion, the two sides to strengthen land port interaction, inland ports and ports to achieve seamless docking port to communicate. Later, Xiao Li, Deputy Commissioner and his entourage inspected the Tianjin Bonded Zone and the Newport East Customs.