Shenzhen customs on wine exports to the Mainland via Hong Kong to implement measures to facilitate customs clearance tax notice (2010 No. 2)

According to the Customs Department and Customs and Excise Department on wine exports to the mainland through Hong Kong customs revenue reached cooperative arrangements to facilitate the measures, as a pilot port of Shenzhen Customs will be June 15, 2010 revenue from the implementation of measures to facilitate customs clearance of wine. The problem now announced as follows:

I, on wine exports to the Mainland via Hong Kong to provide tax clearance facilitation measures, the Customs in order to facilitate the principle of corporate law in order to focus on the follow-up management, the price of wine importers to provide pre-trial review and ceiling price of customs clearance.
Third, the Shenzhen Customs designated port of importation, including Huanggang, Man Kam To Customs, the Customs Sha Tau Kok, Shenzhen Bay, customs, customs and Meilin, Futian Free Trade Zone Customs.

4, since June 1, the company can choose to apply for the designated port customs "clearance wine importer tax facilitation measures for the record" status, the Department will carry out audit business credit conditions.

Fifth, the "tax clearance facilitation measures wine importer record" imported wine before, to the specified port customs to price pre-audit.

6 "clearance wine importers filing tax facilitation measures" with the Customs and issued a "notice of the price pre-audit," were enjoying a specified port customs clearance facilitation measures revenue.
It is hereby announced.
May 27, 2010