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Ministry of Agriculture regarding the development of large grain development of the National Survey of notice

Ministry of Agriculture regarding the development of large grain development of the National Survey of notice

Agricultural Finance Fa [2010] No. 107

Provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities agriculture (farming) Office (commissions, bureaus), Heilongjiang Province Agricultural Reclamation Bureau, Agriculture Bureau of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps:

To fully understand the big national grain development status of support for large grain policy measures to promote the grain-scale production, the ministry decided to conduct the National Survey of major producer of grain development. Hereby notify the following:

First, the main content

(A) Development of large grain.

Including the large amount of grain to plant size (there is no unified view of the current national standards for large grain, please localities based on the actual situation, to identify specific criteria, but generally not less than 30 acres per household), food variety, quality technology, sales , and grain-effectiveness, as well as large grain in science and technology, influence, the industrial development of other aspects.

(B) to support large grain of policy measures. Including the large grain in infrastructure construction, technical services, information guidance, production subsidies, incentives and other policy measures.

(C) of the current food grain in the development of large scale production of the main problems and difficulties encountered.

(D) to promote the development of large grain policy recommendations.

(E) other large-scale production for food policy recommendations.

Second, research forms

Provincial agriculture departments organize investigations. Through a comprehensive survey, the typical analysis, experience sharing, etc., with the major producer of grain, grass-roots level of the agricultural sector and farmers to carry out exchanges and discussions, a comprehensive understanding of the status of large grain, there is proposed to promote large grain development of policy proposals.

Third, other issues

Please provincial research organizations on request seriously, the provincial agriculture department case under investigation, in accordance with the requirements of the investigation, careful research report writing. Bottom-up step by step summary of the research reported and the data (see Annex). Where: Annex 1 at the county level by the provincial agricultural sector organizations fill in the agricultural sector, the provincial agriculture department summary; Annex 2 of the county-level agricultural sector organizations, local large grain filling, in accordance with the planting of different size, fill 10 or so.

Please provinces to research reports and survey forms in the June 10 draft in paper and electronic form is issued to submit to special funds for Department of Agriculture and Finance.

Contact: Shen Lei; Contact Phone :010-59192545

E-mail: shenlei@agri.gov.cn .

Please be supported.

Annex: 1. The province large grain situation summary

2. The basic situation of large grain survey

May 25, 2010