On the convening of the Ninth National Symposium on Urban Agriculture in the development of the preparatory notice

Agriculture (Academic) Fa [2010] 23

The relevant units and experts:

To sum up and exchange the "Eleventh Five-Year" Urban agriculture in China during the practical experience and theoretical results, an accurate grasp of Urban agriculture in promoting the status of urban and rural integration process and the role of discussion "12 5" Urban agriculture during the trends, to promote modern agriculture and urban-based industries related to the healthy development of urban modern agriculture to further expand the versatility of the rising urban-type development of modern agriculture and promote sustainable development of urban modern agriculture. The study, China Agricultural Society will be held on held in Shanghai in mid-September the Ninth National Symposium on Urban Development of Modern Agriculture. The relevant matters are announced as follows:

1, the two sides

(1) Theme: Urban Agriculture in the innovation and development

(B) related issues

1, "during" around the type of modern agricultural development in the city's experience with the typical pattern;

2 "12 5" during the development trend of urban modern agriculture;

3, leisure agriculture, agricultural innovation, logistics, agriculture, trade and agriculture Urban agriculture development and innovation;

4, and urban-based policies for the development of modern agriculture, finance, planning, and improved security measures;

5, visit the Shanghai Urban agriculture demonstration bases.

Second, the meeting time and place

September 15-17 meeting in Shanghai (specific locations to be announced), September 15 daily to.

Third, essay and participants registration

(A) Papers

1, around the topic of this meeting to write the relevant paper (paper format, see Annex 1), the paper's electronic edition, please send to e-mail;

2, paper mailing deadline is Aug. 1 (local postmark).

(B) Conference Registration

Whether participants are invited to submit papers, please Aug. 1 fax receipt participants (Annex 2), and also sent to the e-mail.

4, Contact

Address: Beijing Chaoyang District, Street 20, Building Maizidian

Office of Academic Agricultural Society of China 100125

Contact: An Yan Kang Yajun Wang Quanhui

Tel :010-59194497 59194487

Fax :010-59194449

E-mail: nxhxsb@126.com, hui35cn@yahoo.com.cn

Annex: 1. Paper format requirements

2. The Ninth National Symposium on Urban Agriculture in the development of Return Receipt

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