June 7, accompanied by Zhou Fengqin Commissioner Vice-governor of Shaanxi Province, went to the airport customs inspections, investigations Sea

Zhou Jing, deputy governor, accompanied by the Commissioner on the Airport Logistics Park of construction and the establishment of customs authorities in Xianyang City, the situation related to the Airport Logistics Park to inspect the survey and held a forum at the airport customs, Xianyang City Mayor Zhuang Changxing made reports on the situation, King Deputy Governor expressed full support to speed up airport logistics park in Xianyang city government building and the establishment of customs authorities in Xianyang practice, promote the development of Xianyang city, and made 4 points requirements: First, efforts to increase the inves
tment, the stock through the introduction of incremental activation ; second is to accelerate the development of foreign trade; third is to accelerate the construction of airport industrial park, the development of manufacturing; Fourth, the development of the MICE industry, Xianyang, use of regional advantages and convenient transportation around the city to attract enterprises to participate.
Party Secretary Chang Xianyang thousand armed forces, Department of Commerce Director Li Xuemei, attended seminars, I closed the office, regulatory clearance, accompanied by head of Investigation and Research Department.