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General Office of Ministry of Agriculture on Promoting the Work of Agricultural Brands

General Office of Ministry of Agriculture on Promoting the Work of Agricultural Brands

Office of Urban Agriculture [2010] 19

Provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, separately listed cities agriculture (farming, livestock, fisheries, agriculture, rural enterprises) Office (commissions, bureaus), the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, Bureau of Agriculture:

To foster agricultural brand, enhance the competitiveness of agricultural industries, to promote modern agricultural development, agricultural brands are doing the work on the notice as follows:

First, fully understand the importance of the brand in Agriculture

Brand is the agricultural production of agricultural operators in their products or services used for different other similar products and services and similar name and mark.

Training help to promote agriculture and agricultural brand scale, standardization, industrialization and marketization, is the concept of the development of agriculture with industry and commerce, accelerate the transformation of traditional agriculture to modern agriculture an important tool; cultivate agricultural brand conducive to the establishment of agricultural products quality and safety of the carrier and reputation management and constraint mechanism to promote quality and safety system of the implementation of retroactive liability, is to improve the quality and safety of agricultural products and market competitiveness of the urgent requirements; cultivate agricultural brand conducive to guide the land in accordance with market demand, capital, technology, labor, optimize the allocation of production factors such as, promote agricultural production to the advantage of regional focus, promoting industrial upgrading, is to integrate and play resources, promoting agricultural efficiency, an important measure for farmers to increase income; cultivation of agricultural brands are the State Council, the agricultural sector given the important responsibility of integrating the agricultural sector at all levels means of work, to mobilize all forces to promote the important work of implementing the grasps. Throughout the agricultural sector should fully understand the importance of fostering agricultural brand, increasing the sense of urgency and sense of responsibility and take effective measures to further strengthen the work of the agricultural brand, and strive to grow bigger and stronger group of agricultural brand, for the development of modern agriculture to provide effective support.

Second, carefully organize the work of the agricultural brand

The Ministry will focus this year to promote the development of agricultural brands tested, the eighth named farmers intersection brand, brand knowledge training, agricultural exhibition categories identified, etc., throughout the agricultural sector should actively participate in efforts to promote agriculture and brand development.

(A) development of basic agricultural Brand Survey. Over to the county (city) as reported from the point of investigation and collection of local agriculture and brand name has been covering the species, the basic information holding unit elements, fill out the "Development of Agricultural Brands Survey" (see annex), by the provincial summary of the agricultural sector, after the end of August before I submitted to the Department of Market and Economic Information (electronic draft, please also send to scsscc@agri.gov.cn or nybscc@126.com).

(B) of the Eighth Agricultural Fair brand product selection. October 18 -22 this year, my Department will be on hold in Zhengzhou, the eighth China International Agricultural Products Fair, the Organizing Committee will be entrusted to carry out the relevant associations of the participating brand products selected activities and presented certificates to help exhibitors to expand brand awareness, enhance the market awareness. Throughout the agricultural sector to actively support local high-quality agriculture-related enterprises, excellent brand agricultural exhibition, the full use of agricultural structures in the display of intersection of the exchange and trade cooperation platform, improve market access, while requests for assistance by the organizing committee and its exhibits for companies doing Bende selection activities, reporting, auditing and materials collected and sent to work.

(C) working knowledge training agricultural brand. Cultivation of agricultural brands in the agricultural sector to adapt to the development requirements of the situation to carry out an innovative work, learning to master the relevant expertise is the basis for good work. To this end, plans to organize an agricultural brand appropriate special training activities, invited industry experts teach the work of relevant basic Zhishi agricultural brand, focusing on training co-brand Jianshe agricultural areas relevant content, to promote agriculture across the brand more effectively in the work. At the same time, encourage qualified local branding and communication for agriculture activities.

(D) classification of identified agricultural exhibition. Agricultural Exhibition has become a display of agricultural achievements, promote agricultural exchanges, and promote an important form of trade in agricultural products. Central Document No. 1 this year, proposed the "development of agriculture exhibition economy, to support agricultural marketing", and further stimulate the various regions and sectors, agriculture exhibition held in the activities of various forms of enthusiasm. To guide and standardize the agricultural fair to promote their health and sustainable development, the China International Trade Promotion Branch of the agricultural sector will organize this year's agricultural fair classification of identification. Throughout the region to actively support various agricultural exhibition organizers and contractors took part in the classification of identified activities and norms to guide the operation of agricultural exhibition, focused on creating brand agricultural show.

Third, strengthen the work of the organization and coordination of agricultural brand

(A) to strengthen organization and leadership. Promote agricultural brand is perfect industrial system of modern agriculture an important part. Agricultural departments at all levels, from the development of modern agriculture, improve the competitiveness of industries in Tibet, to further raise awareness, change ideas, to strengthen leadership over the work of agricultural brand, to promote agricultural brand building and management into the work schedule, the objectives tasks efforts to organize the implementation, supervision and check on implementation. Meanwhile, work to strengthen the standard management of agricultural brand, is strictly prohibited by the name of the brand development for a variety of arbitrary awards and arbitrary fee collection.

(B) strengthening the means of support. Agricultural departments at all levels should play their initiative and creativity, establish the brand in Agriculture coordination mechanism to promote, improve and guide the brand-building policy support for agriculture and the interests of the incentive mechanism, from a technical guidance, financial assistance, media campaigns, promotion and other aspects of the market to be support to fully mobilize enterprises and agricultural producers and business operators to create enthusiasm for the brand, the outstanding performance of local, units and individuals, should be commended and timely encouragement.

(C) improve sectoral coordination. Agricultural brand is systematic work, requires the department to support and help. Agricultural departments at all levels and relevant departments should take the initiative to strengthen communication and coordination between, and actively strive for Development and Reform Commission (Plan), finance, technology, business, taxation, quality inspection departments to understand and support, full seek and utilize a variety of social forces to form a "government promotion, enterprise initiatives, the market pull" pattern of positive interaction, to promote the cultivation of agricultural brand, development and protection.

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Annex: Development of the agricultural brand survey

June 4, 2010