June 9 Xiao Li, Deputy Commissioner held in the provincial port office Xi'an coordinated land freight port will function

Conference Jiu Xian Railway Container Center Station building new construction progress, problems and the promotion of measures next held a full discussion and form a consensus, Xiao Li, Deputy Commissioner on Jiakuaijindu to increase efforts to make building container central station 3 suggestions: First, we must have, in the construction of railway container central station facilities, customs supervision, inspection and quarantine facilities are the State General Administration of Customs, AQSIQ requires the host; The second is to build in accordance with the standards, according to the General Administration of Customs on Construction of the railway specific standards for port construc
tion, and employ some advanced nature should not only meet the practical needs, but also take into account development needs; third is to strengthen co-ordination, provincial and municipal governments to strengthen co-ordination of existing resources Pei Zhi, port relevant departments, particularly the railway sector in the planning, design, construction Customs control facilities, inspection and quarantine facilities, freight forwarding facilities, they must promptly communicate, exchange information, to meet the demand.
Provincial port office, customs, inspection and quarantine, railway and the set of Xi'an Branch and other departments attended the meeting.