July 6 Xiao Li, Deputy Commissioner and his party take the initiative to visit the "World Garden Club" and "Horticultural" the work of the Preparatory Office held discussions

Xi'an International Horticultural Exposition, deputy director of the Preparatory Office, Xi'an World Park Investment (Group) Co., Ltd. Xu Jun, the former chairman of the board introduced the "Horticultural" the progress of the preparatory work, the current "World Garden" will be April 28, 2011 to Oct. 22, held in Chanba ecological zone, the park covers an area of 6,000 mu, with a total investment of 5 billion yuan, will be 43 participating countries and international organizations, the number of visitors is expected to reach 12 million people.
Xiao Li, Deputy Commissioner, said the World Park will be following the Beijing Olympics and Shanghai World Expo and Economics on after yet another important international event, after the establishment of New China, Xi'an is also the host of the highest-level international event, the Xi'an Metropolis of great significance, according to the initiative as Xi'an Customs, full follow-up, convenient customs clearance, efficient services, in a properly carry out their duties of monitoring and services, customs clearance and service do all the work. Xiao Li Deputy Commissioner also informed me of the Preparatory Office of Guan current organizational leadership, internal and external coordination, customs protection aspects of the work already undertaken and hoped the two sides work to strengthen ties with, information communication, common to perform their duties responsibly. Xu, deputy director of the customs I have done a lot of meticulous work expressed his thanks and hope that the Customs of the World Park in the preparations for more guidance, help, more valuable suggestions.