July 8 Xi'an Modern Chemistry Research Institute and Xi'an Customs commissioned laboratory working relationship at the signing ceremony with the way

Xiao Li, Deputy Commissioner, near modern Xi'an Institute of Party Secretary Hu Hongzhi, deputy director of the Ludian Lin attended the signing ceremony for the signing ceremony, Xiao Li, Deputy Commissioner visited the analytical laboratory testing, and commissioning work of the three tests points: First, near modern Xi'an in Northwest China Institute is the largest test center for chemical analysis, scientific research is strong, advanced technology, scientific research institutions should make full use of favorable conditions for solving testi
ng problems I identified the relevant goods; second science research institutions to further study the import duty-free equipment spare parts duty-free problem, the development of scientific research institutions in Shaanxi to provide good services; 3 Xi'an Modern Chemistry Research Institute with good communication links to establish a mechanism to speed up testing speed, shorten the test cycle, the big work commissioned laboratory stronger.
Customs Office, accompanied by responsible persons attended the signing ceremony.