Jiangxi in the first half, "Card" ex gratia nearly 7 billion yuan of agricultural subsidies

This reporter recently learned from the provincial Department of Finance, 1-6 months of this year, the province through the "One Card" system of agricultural subsidies benefit paid 6.997 billion yuan, the financial benefits of agricultural subsidies to projects involving a total of 21 major items of the 56 lesser term, payment of the project last year increase 4, the release of funds than the net increase of 2.925 billion yuan a year earlier, to ensure the security of the benefits of agricultural subsidies, timely, full payment in place so that the state of benefiting the agriculture policies of the comprehensive implementation of, and effectively maintained the vital interests of broad masses of farmers.

It is understood that the financial benefits of agricultural subsidies, "Card" payment mechanism for the establishment of the new situation to strengthen and standardize the management of agriculture-related funds, the comprehensive implementation of the national policy of benefiting the agriculture an important measure. Province in 2007 starting up "card" payment reform, after years of running and improving, "Card" payment mechanism has been further standardized and improved. As of June 30, 2010, the province through the "One Card" system, the total benefit payment of 21.6 billion agricultural subsidies, benefiting 8 million households, 32 million farmers.