Prop up the financial disaster-stricken farmers in Jiangxi "security umbrella" for

Province this year, subject to several rounds of heavy rain in the province of crops affected, severely affected farmers income. To encourage farmers insurance, increase resistance to natural disaster risks, recently, the provincial financial department issuance of "Jiangxi Province Interim Measures on Management of agricultural insurance premium subsidy" for farmers, leading enterprises specialized cooperative economic organizations, insurance premium subsidies for agricultural insurance .
Agricultural insurance is engaged in the production process of agricultural producers, the right to natural disasters and accidents, the economic loss caused by a kind of insurance protection.
To encourage farmers to the insured, the cost of reducing their participation in the Plan, budgets at all levels of agricultural insurance insurance agencies for specific species, according to a certain percentage of premiums, the insured farmers, leading enterprises specialized cooperative economic organizations Butie .
It is reported that the financial province gradually from 2007 on can be complicated sows, cows, finishing pigs and other aquaculture species, rice, cotton, peanuts, rapeseed, citrus planting crops and forests (forests and commercial forests) grant agricultural insurance premium subsidies. -2,009 In 2007, the provincial finance agricultural insurance premium subsidies were allocated 69.89 million yuan of funds.
The latest statistics show that in January -5 months of this year, the provincial finance agricultural insurance premium subsidies were allocated 48.32 million yuan, which is to provide premium subsidies to fan sow 12.29 million yuan, for the rape, rice, peanut and other crop varieties to provide premium subsidies to 28.01 million yuan for forest insurance premium subsidy provided 8.02 million yuan, on the protection of agricultural safety and increase their income, stability, play a positive role in agricultural production.
Relevant person in charge of Jiangxi Provincial Finance Department stressed that the financial departments at all levels should strengthen the use of premium subsidies supervision. City and county finance department, management agency fraud, misappropriation of premium subsidy funds, once discovered, the provincial financial department will order its correction, the corresponding recovery of premium subsidies, and in accordance with the "financial penalties for sanctions violations Ordinance" and other relevant national regulations be punished.