August 6 Xiao Li, Deputy Commissioner to participate in provincial conferences

To further the implementation of the second leg of acting governor to send me off write access to parts of "Xi'an - Shenzhen - Bangkok / Kuala Lumpur International Air Route 100 days attendance on the low side" instruction, Jing Junhai special meeting to study the auspices of the Deputy Governor of the implementation. Participants on the current status of international tourism routes, problems and solutions were heated discussions.
Xiao Li Xi'an Customs on behalf of the Deputy Commissioner made a statement, that to stand and the relevant international city of Xi'an in the construction of a high degree of economic integration Tianshui to consider the issue and made recommendations 3 points: First, we must strive to build the central and western Xianyang Airport hub airport; Second, we must constantly open up new international routes, especially in Europe direct route; third base to more airlines to introduce and increase traffic. Jing Jun, vice governor of the sea on the further development of international tourism promotion, Xi'an in northwest China to play a pivotal role in the utilization of aviation, the establishment of consulate or tourism office to provide the eight required areas. Provincial and municipal tourism bureau, the provincial Public Security Bureau, Airport Customs and the travel agents attended the meeting.