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Jiangxi governance practices of social groups of 8 Fees charged will be banned

Jiangxi governance practices of social groups of 8 Fees charged will be banned

Reporter learned from the provincial financial department, management fees for the strengthening of social organizations, to further standardize social groups charge behavior, recently, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the provincial Department of Finance and the provincial Civil Affairs Department jointly issued a notice, 在 social groups within the context of the province charges Governance normative work.
It is understood, governance norms of social groups charge covers the collection involve corporate community contributions, administrative fees and service charges and other operating charges.
Governance norms in this work Zhong, eight charges behavior will be banned: will Fei Xu Ke Huo administrative functions and administrative linked compulsory levies; mandatory corporate 加入 associations, societies Dengshetuanbing collect contributions; Li Yong (borrowing) and the monopoly of executive power the status of mandatory service charges or fees and no service; violation of the provisions of administrative fees without authorization will be translated into operational and service charges collected; violation of mandatory national policy run classes, training, appraisal, and to carry out certification, examinations, and fees charged ; violation of the regulations in order to deposit, mortgage payments, fund raising, donations, sponsorship and other forms of disguised fees; violation of the provisions of the respective branches, representative offices, offices in charge or a disguised collection of management fees; violation of laws and regulations of the behavior of other charges.
It is reported that, in order to further strictly regulate the association Jinhou Fees province 规定, societies based on laws, administrative rules or regulations when carrying out government functions to act as fees, administrative fees and management as shall be reported above the provincial level finance and price administrative department. Paid in accordance with the principle of voluntary community service fee, as the operator service charge management, which, on the existing Long Duan's Fuwushihang government pricing or government guidance prices, shall be submitted to the competent pricing department under the seat of the limit of authority and processes, clear charges, the scope and fee charges. Other services introduced on the market adjusted, fees determined by the autonomous communities or client consultation.
According to the provincial financial department responsible person, Wei charges governance practices to ensure that this community work to achieve tangible results, the province's requirements, Gejijiage competent departments should organize their societies charge Kaizhan supervision and inspection of various governance practices urged Lashi policy measures and determined in accordance with treatment norms inspection focus areas, key units and key fees, thorough investigation of democratic legal acts. Ministry of Civil Affairs goalkeeper in the annual examination results as an important basis for community, reflected in the annual examination conclusions.
In accordance with the unified arrangements of the province, the present governance practices in three phases: in July the former self-examination and self-cleaning; in August before the centralized review; by the end of September before the focus of inspection. Organizational requirements of each stage, inspection methods, accountability, etc., in the province were clearly defined.