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Jiangxi houses the maximum amount of 20,000 yuan reconstruction assistance

Jiangxi houses the maximum amount of 20,000 yuan reconstruction assistance

First to protect the houses collapsed tolls sub-two steps of reconstruction assistance <BR> Since the flood season this year, Jiangxi rainfall duration, many dangerous situations occur, it is important disaster extent rarely seen in history. According to provincial Civil Affairs Department as of July 20 of statistics, the province extended the 41 counties in Western policy on tolls collapsed houses a total of 14,670 households, disaster recovery and reconstruction tasks are daunting.
According to the provincial financial department person in charge of reconstruction work this year is very heavy and dangerous transformation of rural areas in 2010 to protect the pilot funding priorities fall within the tolls House Restoration and Reconstruction.
The extension of the 41 counties in Western policy collapsed houses 14 670 tolls, requiring a total of 242.07 million yuan of relief funds, the provincial finance renovation of dilapidated buildings in the rural financial arrangements for 161.37 million yuan in the houses for flood restoration, other funds will be from the relief donation, the central post-disaster reconstruction funds, housing assistance and other financial arrangements to resolve.
According to "further improve the provincial government office on the rural housing reconstruction of the supplementary notice" to rebuild the whole family down into extremely poor families (household subsistence allowances, five guarantees, minimal assurance marginal farmers, poor households of persons with disabilities) and general all two steps down families. Provincial fiscal hardship for the whole family down 20,000 yuan of subsidy per household, generally the whole family down to 15,000 yuan per household subsidy.
Renovating dilapidated houses in rural areas 11,000 yuan subsidy per household subsidy <BR> sub third gear is understood that the 2010 renovation of dilapidated buildings in our province scheduled tasks 31000, tolls than 14,670 houses collapsed and 591 ethnic minority village dangerous things, yet there are other tasks 15,739 renovating dilapidated houses, the provincial financial arrangements of the grant funds 173,130,000 yuan, 11,000 yuan subsidy per household, of which 6,000 yuan central grants, matching grants of provincial fiscal 5000 yuan.
Rebuilding, the new, rebuilding 90% of households according to arrangements, the number of households plan repair and reinforcement arrangements by 10%. New and renewal grants farmers were divided third gear: decentralized Five Guarantees 1.5-1.8 million subsidy per household; minimal needs households, poverty, household subsidy 1.3-1.5 million persons with disabilities; general household assistance 1-1.1 million poor households element. Maintenance and Reinforcement of dangerous household subsidy does not exceed 1,500. Specific home criteria by the pilot counties (cities) to make arrangements according to the actual situation.
Giving priority to ethnic minority village of rural poor people renovating dilapidated houses <BR> It is understood that, according to provincial office, the provincial government office "on the promotion of sound and fast economic and social development of townships view" (Gan to do hair [2010] 1 ), the provincial finance priority rural minority village capital 6.5 million yuan renovating dilapidated houses. For Yongfeng County Longgang She Nationality, Lok King County bamboo She Nationality, Xiajiang Kam Peng townships of 591 dangerous transformation of the rural poor people to ensure that the rural minority village renovation of dilapidated buildings for people in a one-time task priorities.