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400 million yuan of financial funds to support modern agriculture in Jiangxi

400 million yuan of financial funds to support modern agriculture in Jiangxi

Recently, the reporter learned from the provincial financial department, to support the development of modern agricultural production throughout the province, the provincial finance allocated in 2010 the central government funds to support the development of modern agricultural production, 400 million yuan, 090 million yuan more than last year. Where: Rice Item 2 billion, 080 million yuan project citrus, aquatic projects 070 million yuan, 050 million yuan Camellia project.
According to the unified arrangements of the Ministry of Finance, combined with modern agriculture in our province for three years planning the project in 2010, the province continue to give priority to food production, while citrus, fish and Camellia industry support. County combined in 2009 performance evaluation of various projects, the various industries are appropriate to expand or adjust and optimize the implementation of the regional.
Rice industry in Nanchang County in 44 counties (cities, districts) to implement; citrus industry, 20 projects in Xinfeng County and other cities and counties (districts) to implement; aquaculture industry in DUCHANG of 19 cities and counties (districts) to implement; Camellia industry in the fortress and other key Camellia 28 counties (cities, districts) to implement.
In accordance with the Ministry of Finance "for each one of the leading industry can only support one or two key" requirements, in 2010, our province continues to highlight the support of priorities, financial resources to resolve constraints used in the development of key leading industries.
Rice project in the central subsidies 200 million yuan, 45 million yuan more than last year, focusing on the standard of 40 acres of New Varieties of rice grain development and demonstration and promotion of green manure demonstration.
Citrus capital 080 million yuan project arrangements over the previous year increased by 500 million to support 19 million mu of standardized concentrated orange ecological demonstration base construction and commercialization of citrus postharvest handling capacity. Among them, arrange 21 million yuan commercial citrus postharvest handling and storage capacity-building funds, to take "the first building after the meeting, Yijiangdaibu" approach to the allocation and management, that is, county by the first construction project, the provincial finance, agriculture sector after passing the examination for acceptance of grants. Each new one with a capacity of 15 tons per hour or more production lines, grant 300,000 yuan, the province added 20 total subsidy 6 million yuan. Additional storage capacity of 1000 tons each, grant 50 thousand yuan, the province's new storage capacity of 300,000 tons of subsidies to 15 million yuan. Grant object must be completed in 2010 and put into use new.
Arranged 070 million yuan Fisheries Project, 30 million yuan more than last year, support for the rehabilitation of 3.8 million mu demonstration base of standardized breeding pond health, modifying or expanding nine major aquaculture species and varieties of seed propagation fields Mingteyouxin culture.
Camellia arrangements for project funding 050 million yuan, 10 million yuan more than last year, the new high-yield oil tea demonstration base of 25 million mu of forest.
According to the provincial financial department person in charge of modern agricultural projects in this year's natural disasters, in order to reduce agricultural losses throughout played a prominent role. Good grasp of modern agriculture projects, not only to repair damage as quickly as possible engineering and industrial development, but will improve industry's disaster prevention and reduction capacity. Provincial financial requirements of projects with local industry and county-related project planning, grant funds will be used exclusively for the provisions of part, of any department or unit shall not change. Resolutely put an end to illegally taking advantage of integration events of the central and provincial funds, once discovered, the province will cancel the project counties declared eligible, and the corresponding reduction of special funds.
According to reports, the allocation of funds, this year will continue to adhere to bonus and forfeit, and elimination of the system. Performance appraisal rating on the industry after the five project counties, the province will be focus of supervision. Meanwhile, the project counties implementation of modern agricultural projects, not only with modern agricultural production development linked to the allocation of funds, but will study other You Guan Yu Xiang Agriculture allocation of funds linked to policies and measures, implementation of the project well, Jiatai the funds support; on poor project implementation, reduce or not to support.