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Billion yuan to help power the development of SME

Billion yuan to help power the development of SME

Recently, the reporter learned from the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Finance, the National SME Development in 2010 to declare the process of special funds, the province fiscal wake up early and prepare early for more financial support for the central, provincial financial department actively respond to, understand the policy, together with Bureau of SMEs, mining good company, good projects, strict quality control projects with a total central government support for SME development projects in 85 special funds to support the funding 107.5 million yuan to support the project and support funding tops in the nation.
46 of which projects to support SMEs to arrange funds 50.3 million yuan; support 39 small and medium enterprises guarantee institutions to arrange funds 57.2 million yuan.
Currently, the provincial finance has issued the funds.
The funds are mainly used to support small and medium enterprises restructuring and industrial upgrading, professional development, and supporting large enterprise collaboration, technological progress, utilization, brand building, and SME credit guarantee system, opening up new markets such as SME development environment .
Provincial Department of Finance official said, according to the State Council issued the "financial penalties for sanctions violations Regulations" and regulations to strengthen management and supervision of funds. On the interception, misappropriation or diversion of special funds of the units and individuals will be punished in accordance with the Ordinance and against the parties responsible for their responsibility.