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Jiangxi financial support SME development industry with local characteristics "Interim Procedures" published

Jiangxi financial support SME development industry with local characteristics "Interim Procedures" published

Recently, the reporter learned from the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Finance, to support SME development in our province industries with local characteristics, characteristics of industry norms and the strengthening of local SME development fund management, improve capital efficiency, the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Finance issued the "local flavor industry in Jiangxi Province Interim Measures on Management of special funds for SME development "(hereinafter referred to as" measures "), with local characteristics of an SME may obtain financial assistance to 1.5 million yuan.
It is understood that the local characteristic industry refers to the geographical conditions and resources, based around the characteristics of the production, sales, service, market-oriented form, scale, intensive, and the chain of production and business groups.
Jiangxi Province, the local characteristic industry development fund for SMEs (hereinafter referred to specialized industry funding) is the central treasury to support the province province and the special local features and characteristics of industrial cluster of SMEs in the region together advances in technology, energy conservation, supporting collaboration to promote industrial restructuring and funding.
"Procedures" provides specialized industry fund is mainly used for local characteristics and features of industrial cluster cluster SMEs in the region for technical innovation and achievements, to encourage SMEs to energy conservation, enhance professional collaboration between SMEs and key enterprises, support small and medium corporate industrial upgrading and extension services to improve the environment for SMEs five projects.
Where in the feature or characteristic industry cluster SMEs in the region together, or run more than 2 years, with not less than 20 full-time service team, including employees with university degree or above 70%, for SMEs to carry out the provision of research and development, design, intellectual property protection, engineering management, business information exchange and other public services income of the total revenue of more than 60% of enterprises or units of money can declare local culture industries.
Special industries with financial support form free grant and loan interest subsidies to support two ways. The same year, each project can only apply for a support mode. Enterprise reporting projects, bank loans more than 60% of total investment projects, in general, interest subsidies, subsidized loans, and other general approach to free assistance. Characteristic industry discount the amount of capital loans, the loan amount and the project announced by the People's Bank to determine benchmark lending rate over the same period. Discount for each item generally no longer than 2 years, the annual discount rate of no more than the same period in benchmark lending rates, discount amount is generally not more than 1.5 million yuan. Capital grants to support the amount of special industries, each project is generally not more than 1.5 million yuan.
Jiangxi Provincial Department of Finance is responsible for enterprise stressed that funding must be earmarked special industries, in violation of the requirement to use, obtain money by deception behavior, once verified, the provincial financial department will collect the funds arranged special industries, and in accordance with the "financial penalties for sanctions violations Ordinance "of the relevant provisions of the processing.