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Jiangxi full operation starting next year, new financial instruments

Jiangxi full operation starting next year, new financial instruments

Recently, the reporter learned from the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Finance, the financial instruments to strengthen the management, strengthen the government non-tax revenue collection, the provincial financial department of the existing financial instrument type, style and layout has been adjusted, from January 1 next year began in province-wide opening of new financial instruments, the existing provincial Department of Finance published in 2010 notes the word can continue to use rail to June 30, 2011.
According to reports, new financial instruments into the government non-tax revenue bills, donated instruments, exchange clearing bills, medical bills and other financial instruments dedicated five categories, a total of 18 species.
Which, to meet the separation of government non-tax revenue collection management needs to vigorously implement the financial instruments of information, the provincial Department of Finance conducted a clean up of existing instruments, the original purpose are made with special receipt of Jiangxi Province and other special receipts into the "Jiangxi Province General government non-tax revenue payment book ", that" two votes-one ", not only meet the units, each party needs, and simplify operational processes to achieve management and revenue management bills closely to further strengthen the non-tax revenue management.
It is understood that units of "Jiangxi Province administrative fees alone dedicated transfer payment", "Jiangxi Province administrative fees dedicated single cash payment" to December 31, 2010 to stop using in favor of "Jiangxi Provincial Government General contributions of non-tax revenue the book "Financial accounts of income contributed.
Relevant person in charge of Jiangxi Provincial Finance Department stressed that to ensure the safety notes, financial departments at all levels and units in according with the vote unified work plan, organize special forces not to use the old bills to clean up, inspection, storage, and make the relevant registration work without permission prohibited from voting units destroyed.