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Jiangxi: 14 departmental interaction special burdens to carry out corporate governance

Jiangxi: 14 departmental interaction special burdens to carry out corporate governance

Recently, the reporter learned from the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Finance, to reduce the burden on enterprises, enterprise and healthy development and create favorable external environment, the Jiangxi Provincial Committee of Industry and Information Technology, Jiangxi Province Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance of 14 departments in Jiangxi province-wide joint specialized work to reduce the burden on enterprises.
It is understood that specific work started in July of this year to the end, sub-start the deployment, self-examination and correction, check the rectification, the summary report of four stages.

Specific work items include: governance and norms related to corporate charges, the abolition of the legal fees involved in enterprise projects, reducing the excessively high fees, regulate the industry associations, market intermediaries involved in acts of corporate services and fees, increasing fees and charges related to enterprises supervision and inspection and investigation efforts; clean up and correct to the business levies, ask for free use of corporate sponsorship and conduct of human, financial, etc.; carry on the benefits of checking the implementation of corporate policies, and supervise the implementation to address the financial crisis, central and local enterprises of the benefits policy measures; establish long-term mechanism to reduce the burden on enterprises.
According to reports, to ensure that the specific work to achieve tangible results, the province required that all localities and departments should include specific work in the region, the sector agenda, to ensure that the work planned; to step up publicity to create atmosphere, to promote community supervision; same localities and departments should clearly define responsibilities, focusing on coordination of efforts to play the role of the functions of the member units; of the problems found in time processing; the same time to focus on managing the key guidance on the problems identified, leading enterprises do not pay attention to explore solutions reasonable burden of deep-seated problems at the source, the system proposed improvement measures and achieve tackling the problem.