Jiangxi: administrative charges involving enterprises basically completed the clean-up charges to be abolished 10

Recently, reporters from the provincial financial department was informed in early June in our province enterprises undertaken by the Organization of administrative fees involved in clean-up standard work has been completed and submitted comprehensive clean up the situation around the province to retain administrative charges related to enterprise 178, 10 provincial fees to be canceled.
It is understood that the clean-up work to administrative charges related to enterprise focus, the main cleaning cancel illegal and unreasonable fees, the fees are too high to be lower, standard fees for approval, complete directory management fees, and further enhance the involvement enterprise fee transparency, sound corporate charges related to the budget management system, strengthen supervision fees.

According to Ministry of Finance responsible person, in the clean-up work, financial departments at all levels in accordance with clean-up requirements, and actively take measures to enforcement authorities collected administrative fees related to enterprise organizations a comprehensive clean-up. Clean-ups, enhanced over standard fee involved in the management of corporate responsibility, improved financial management system involving enterprises, improve the external environment for enterprise development.