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Jiangxi allocated 510 million compensation fund for Ecological Forest

Jiangxi allocated 510 million compensation fund for Ecological Forest

Recently, the reporter learned from the provincial financial department, the provincial finance allocated in 2010 the central government and provincial financial Ecological Forest Compensation Fund, 510 million yuan, of which the central government compensation fund for 273 million yuan, the provincial capital 237 million yuan financial compensation, for compensation adjustment an ecological public forest.
According to Provincial Department of Finance Department, the person in charge of agriculture, the central government issued 510 million and the provincial capital of financial compensation for ecological forest management and protection expenditure, mainly for 854.42 mu state-owned national forests, 2382.88 mu of collective and individual All the national forests and 1862.70 mu provincial Forest Protection and Management.
National and provincial standards for ecological forests average compensation funds to 10.5 yuan / mu, among them: manage and protect spending 10 yuan / mu, the project expenditures 0.5 yuan / mu.
Under the arrangement, foresters into the financial compensation of individuals "card" management, the collective part of the compensation fees and direct payments by the financial sector to the collective account. Unified management and protection of personnel employed full-time, full-time management and protection personnel management and protection benefits from its situation under the management and protection of compensation funds paid directly to individuals or units of account, in principle, more than 2 yuan / mu.
Provincial financial department financial departments at all levels in close coordination with the forestry sector, improve coordination, timely instructions and disbursement of compensation funds, compensation for ecological forests strengthen supervision and inspection of the use of funds, any department or unit may misappropriated funds Ecological Forest Compensation .