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Financial allocation of 51.61 million yuan in Jiangxi actively promote the "new agricultural insurance"

Financial allocation of 51.61 million yuan in Jiangxi actively promote the "new agricultural insurance"

Recently, the reporter learned from the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Finance, to accelerate the establishment of urban and rural residents in the social security system to ensure the basic livelihood of rural residents to promote rural poverty reduction and narrowing gap between urban and rural areas, the provincial finance has earmarked 41.06 million yuan funded basis , has allocated 10.55 million yuan of funds, grants the new rural social pension insurance insured.
It is reported that the new rural social pension insurance (referred to as "the new farmer's insurance") as opposed to "farmer Paul" The difference is that it abandon the "farmer Paul" model of peasant self-pay, to take personal charge, the collective benefits and government subsidies for the three kinds of funding sources and the pattern, dividing the five pay grades, and the establishment of two basic pension and individual pension accounts.
Central government subsidies to local farmers, will be directly credited to pension accounts insured basis, local governments 30 yuan per person per year according to the standard benefits insured. Severe disabilities in rural areas, by the province in accordance with Financial 100 yuan / person minimum standards, payment of personal pay part.
Currently, Xinjian County, Yudu County, Yongfeng County, Wanzai County, Lok County, Xinyu City Yushui, Wuyuan County, Xiushui County, Yingtan month Lakes, Fuliang County, Luxi County in 11 counties (area) was selected as the pilot implementation of the new agricultural insurance. According to the latest data show that this pilot counties (districts) 15-59 years of age the number of over 210 million people insured, the insured rate of 79%, about 3.3 million rural people with disabilities to severe financial payment of the provincial pension insurance.
Relevant person in charge of Jiangxi Provincial Finance Department stressed that the pilot counties (districts) to the social insurance fund in accordance with the relevant provisions of the financial system, in time the money into the financial accounts of social security funds. Financial assistance funds must be earmarked, in any region, departments, units and individuals shall not be retained, misappropriated and diverted.