September 2, Deputy Commissioner Shaw led force to the West Oil Co., Ltd. visited An Bangqi system research

September 2, Xiao Li, Deputy Commissioner for oil led to the West An Bangqi Limited research visits. The company is located in Lintong district, is a raw material oil and feed industries as major private manufacturing companies, all kinds of processing one million tons of oil, annual imports of about 200 million yuan of tax involved, in similar enterprises in oil production ranked 46, No. 1 Northwestern. Xiao Li, Deputy Commissioner and his party heard of the company in recent years the production and import and export business briefing, to understand the links in the import and export customs clearance problems and difficulties, and visited the company transport lines and storage of raw materials.
Xiao Li, Deputy Commissioner, said: difficulties for the enterprises, Customs will conduct special research, "tailored" for production management and industrial development measures for the import customs clearance, customs-related policies and regulations in the allowable range, providing more convenient customs clearance service.