Jiangxi: 196 million yuan to promote the level of free education

Recently, the reporter learned from the provincial financial department, provincial government will allocate 196 million boost in the level of free education. From the fall 2010 semester, the secondary vocational school students from poor rural families, students and Poor Families in urban agriculture-related majors of tuition remission.
According to reports, the implementation of free tuition in secondary vocational schools is that government departments set up under the approval of the relevant provisions of the State and for the record, the implementation of full-time academic education in secondary vocational schools, including Public and Private Colleges and secondary, adult secondary schools, vocational high schools , technical schools and colleges and universities affiliated with the Department of Vocational and secondary vocational schools.
Officially enrolled full-time vocational school one, two, three schools of students from poor families in rural, urban students and Poor Families in agriculture-related majors (Performing Arts students excluded), the first three five-year vocational students grade students, by the treatment, enjoy the free tuition policy. Secondary vocational education has enjoyed national grants, and in accordance with the policy conditions of free tuition in school, can apply for free tuition. Part-time vocational school students (not included in the total number of students), and art students (included in the total number of students) are not included in tuition-free objects.
All the schools, city and county are exempt from tuition fees in determining policy Nongcun family Jingjikunnan student, Yao Youxiankaolv enjoy the rural policies of the Minimum Shenghuobaozhang family students, orphans and disabled students, and family Chengyuanzhangqi Huan serious illness, or sudden Zaoyuziran Zaihai financial difficulties as a result of changes in his students.
Provincial Department of Finance official says, public vocational school tuition-free run in the standard uniform price by the provincial government and approved by the authorities to determine the tuition fee, tuition-free private secondary vocational schools, the standard type with the same professionalism in local public office in the vocational school tuition-free standard to subsidies, higher standards of public schools tuition-free part of the burden from the families of students, tuition-free public schools than the standard, according to private schools to supplement the actual standard.
The secondary vocational schools are exempt from tuition fees policy, students are charged tuition fees before registration may, but shall not charge tuition fees for students studying agriculture, subsidy funds to be issued immediately after the recipients will be returned by bank card.
Reporter also learned that studying agriculture-related majors has been determined in principle, transform the professional, really need to go through the higher education administrative department or human resources and social security department for approval, change profession, the cancellation of his enjoyment of Free professional qualifications and pay up studying agriculture during the tuition, so students from poor families in rural areas and urban subsistence allowances for students whose families can continue to enjoy free of charge in accordance with the provisions of the policy benefits. Transfer students from other schools from next year embark on the required tuition waiver.
Provincial Department of Finance said it would further regulate the secondary vocational school fees, maintenance of student interest in the private sector at all levels of the price level will be strict criteria for school fees approved and approval may not be the opportunity to improve through free tuition fee standard. The secondary vocational schools shall not increase because of free tuition and other fees or arbitrary charges unauthorized fees established by increasing the burden on students. Before the 2012 fall semester, the grade school fees, accommodation standards shall not exceed the relevant standards of the fall semester of 2006.
PS: the education system and vocational schools and technical schools, specialized agriculture
2000 Ministry of Education issued a "secondary vocational schools directory" (teaching into [2000] 8) in all professional agriculture and forestry, including: planting, agronomy, horticulture, sericulture, aquaculture, animal husbandry and veterinary, aquaculture, wild animal protection, agricultural processing, cotton processing and management of inspection, forestry, gardening, wood processing, forest products processing, forest resources and forestry administration, forest harvesting projects, rural economic management, agricultural mechanization, navigation, fishing, and rural energy Energy Development and Utilization of Professional and Civil Engineering and Architecture class technical expertise and other agricultural water 2l specialty.
Agro-technical schools, professional is the "National Craft School Specialty Catalog" (2009 Amendment) for all professional categories in the agriculture and forestry, including: planting, agronomy, horticulture, aquaculture, animal husbandry and veterinary, aquaculture, wildlife protection, agricultural products processing, cotton processing inspection and management, forestry, gardening, wood processing, forest products processing, forest resources and forestry administration, forest harvesting projects, use and maintenance of farm machinery, rural energy development and utilization of agricultural water technologies, marine fishing, and education professional forestry department announced the sericulture, rural economy and management of 21 Majors.