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The central and provincial financial assistance funded 100 million yuan of state-owned forest farms in shantytowns

The central and provincial financial assistance funded 100 million yuan of state-owned forest farms in shantytowns

Recently, the reporter learned from the provincial financial department, to properly resolve the destitute workers and victims of state-owned forest farm workers housing, the provincial fiscal year 2010 central budget has allocated 100 million yuan investment, and logistics of 100 million yuan for the province 1 10 000 state-owned forest squatter settlements (inhabitable houses) transformation.
It is understood that, combined with post-disaster restoration and reconstruction work in our province, the state-owned forest farms in 2010 the general task of rebuilding of old housing plan 10 000 (including post-disaster reconstruction 3500), in which: redevelopment 3635, the new 4172 remote, repair and reinforcement 2193.

According to reports, state subsidies of state-owned forest farms and inhabitable houses to 10,000 yuan per household, the provincial logistics of 10,000 yuan, the rest of the city and county facilities, forestry and trade unions self-resolve; new (off-site redevelopment and new) housing, planning and design and construction must comply with the development of energy saving and environment-housing requirements, strict implementation of the national standard; repairing and strengthening the housing to ensure that after the useful life of more than 20 years, require excellent kitchen, bathroom and other basic functions, water supply and drainage, electricity, roads , greening and other infrastructure, for completion by the end of June 2011 and put into use.
Provincial financial department financial departments at all levels strictly implement the project fund management and use of relevant provisions of the construction of special account funds to implement storage, special account accounting, require any unit or individual may misappropriate, forcible transfer, or deduction, to ensure earmarking. Provincial Department of Finance will from time to time on the management of funds to conduct special investigations.