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Shenzhen detected in snake clenbuterol poisoning of 13 patrons

Shenzhen detected in snake clenbuterol poisoning of 13 patrons

September 1 and 2, Shenzhen City Disease Prevention and Control received the report of the hospital area of jurisdiction, saying that admissions of patients with suspected cases of food poisoning (total 13), respectively, flushing, headache, chest tightness, palpitations, trembling hand, foot and other symptoms. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, Futian District, Nanshan District, disease prevention and control center professionals to carefully survey the scene and found the 13 patients sub-Liang Bo on the evening of 1 September 2010, the evening of 2 September 2010 at the Futian District snake meal in a restaurant used.

After the snakes were collected by professionals and sent for laboratory analysis of samples showed that: the snake-like detection of prohibited drug clenbuterol. The 13 patients were diagnosed as a result of the snake eating meal containing clenbuterol and clenbuterol poisoning occurred.

After aggressive symptomatic treatment, 13 patients have been discharged in good health.

It is understood that clenbuterol is a white or similar white crystal powder, odorless, slightly bitter, chemical stability, heat to 172 degrees Celsius to decompose (126 ℃ fry 5 minutes before half damage). Therefore, the general heating of cooking methods can not be clenbuterol residues in food animal toxicity damage. Its main role is as a potent mechanism of agonist, selectively acting on adrenergic receptors and appear to enhance lipolysis and promoting the role of protein synthesis. Elimination of clenbuterol in the body slowly, mainly accumulated in the organs, retina and other tissues, long-term consumption of meat and offal containing clenbuterol can cause human cardiovascular system and nervous system diseases. Human consumption of animal products containing clenbuterol poisoning incurred, its toxicity dose varies. Normal consumption from 15 to 6 minutes symptoms with symptoms from 90 to 6 minutes. Manifests itself in his face flushing, headache, chest tightness, palpitations, palpitation, muscle tremor, numbness of the limbs and a series of adverse reactions.

CDC experts advise people to buy food should be vigilant, pay attention to prevention, to enhance self-protection, the public, particularly catering unit, do not purchase without a license vendors without a quarantine of animals and their products, purchasing food catering units should be strictly enforced Food cable card system. Very important and timely medical treatment can be quickly recovered, harm reduction. Members of the public consumption of animal foods appear suspicious fatigue, palpitations, trembling hand, foot and other clinical performance of clenbuterol poisoning, should go to regular medical treatment.

Acute clenbuterol poisoning symptoms are transient, and treatment in a timely manner, to restore health in general do not leave sequelae. Chinese government expressly prohibited clenbuterol used in animal feed additives, but the interests of drivers, poor production and management in the "underground", "black" illegal use, a problem related to the functions of sector regulation. Clenbuterol from food sources that would regulate animal feeding areas, but also on the type of livestock and poultry, aquatic products, snakes and other animals, monitoring circulation. Country markets, farmers markets, supermarkets and other community should strictly enforce the purchase examination and acceptance, cable card cable buying and selling votes and the establishment of the accounting system, purchases of passing inspection of the ingredients, and can trace the source. (Xinhua correspondent party Jiao Zhang Jin Tao Jing Zhou)