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"International trade in services statistics system" s

"International trade in services statistics system" s

To improve the statistical system of China's service trade, and promote the healthy development of trade in services, the Ministry of Commerce, National Bureau of Statistics of International Trade to follow the latest standards, draw on developed countries (regions) trade in services statistics method, and in recent years, China's service trade development and characteristics of the actual situation on January 1, 2008 implementation of the "international trade in services statistics system" has been revised. The new "system of international trade in services" (hereinafter referred to as "the statistical system") since August 1, 2010 came into effect.
To enable better understanding of the parties concerned, "the statistical system" content, promote the "statistical system," The implementation of the Ministry of Commerce, Trade in Services Division responsible for the introduction of the system interpretation of the background and main contents are as follows:

First, the "statistical system" introduced the background

In recent years, the rapid expansion of trade in services and the scale of trade in services and constantly enrich the connotation, that enables governments, businesses and analysts on trade in services statistics are put forward higher requirements. To meet the economic development and the needs of trade negotiations, collecting more accurate, more comprehensive, more detailed and more internationally comparable statistics on trade in services in terms of our government have a significant meaning.

Published in 2007, "International trade in services statistics system" more than two years of implementation, the service trade in China has established the basic framework of the statistical system, not only import and export statistics for the service of foreign affiliates trade in services statistics also made a try. While we have been able to import and export general data collection services, as well as some foreign subsidiary bodies, trade in services statistics, but because the data completeness, timeliness and accuracy of some defects, etc., are still unable to meet the community information on trade in services needs; difficult to monitor the health service trade import and export enterprises; hard for bilateral services trade statistics and analysis of comparative data. Therefore, in order to establish more in line with international norms and the actual situation of China's service trade statistics system to guide local commerce authorities to more effectively carry out trade in services statistics, Ministry of Commerce and National Bureau jointly issued the "statistical system."

Second, "the statistical system," the main content

(A) "the statistical system," the legal basis

"Statistical System" to "Foreign Trade Law" and the "PRC Statistics Law" and relevant regulations as the basis.

(B) "statistical system" to follow international standards

"Statistical System" provisions of China's service trade statistics compiled and distributed to follow the United Nations and other international organizations, the "Manual on Statistics of International Trade in Services" and the World Trade Organization, "General Agreement on Trade in Services" (GATS) of the relevant standards, and with the United Nations, "National Accounts System "(1993 SNA) with the relevant standards convergence.

(C) the content of trade in services statistics

"Statistical System" provisions of China's trade in services statistics including service import and export statistics, foreign affiliates trade in services statistics and statistical movement of natural persons in three aspects.

(D) trade in services statistics collection method

"Statistical System" provides statistical data on trade in services, including all survey collection methods, sample surveys, major surveys, the typical investigation and scientific calculations, and to make full use of administrative records and other information.

Transport, tourism, telecommunications services, financial services, insurance services import and export, financial foreign affiliates trade in services, as well as natural areas of the implementation of mobile data is subject to the relevant departments, supported by major surveys, the typical statistical surveys and scientific method of calculation . Data from the relevant departments and other sources of information.

Construction and related engineering services, education services, environmental services, medical, health and social services, recreation, cultural and sporting services, distribution services and other business services in areas such as the full investigation. Subjects of the investigation is the occurrence of acts of service import and export enterprises, other organizations, individual businesses and individuals. Data from the Ministry of Commerce statistics system of trade in services companies.
Computer and information services, royalties and license fees import and export, as well as non-financial foreign affiliates trade in services to implement the full investigation. Data from the Ministry of Commerce of existing statistical system.

(E) the release of trade in services statistics

Trade in services statistics released outside of the periodic system. Ministry of Commerce, "China Trade in Services Statistics" and "China's Service Trade Development Report" issued in the form of annual China Import and export of foreign, foreign affiliates trade in services and movement of natural persons and other statistical data.

Third, China's service trade organization and implementation of statistical work

"Statistical System" provides that the Ministry of Commerce of China Trade in Services Survey Organization and implementation.
China's service trade statistics unified management, levels of responsibility. Ministry of Commerce is the competent department of trade in services statistics. Operational guidance in the National Bureau of Statistics, is responsible for the country's trade in services statistics. Commitment to the local commerce authorities at all levels of the administrative areas of trade in services statistics.

"Statistical system" after the implementation of China's service trade statistics to cover the content "of the General Agreement on Trade in Services," defined four modes of supply, namely cross-border supply, consumption abroad, commercial presence and movement of natural persons. Meanwhile, the service import and export statistics for the first time in the country to achieve the enterprise direct report.

In line with the "statistical system" in the implementation of the guidance and accurate business reporting trade in services statistics report, Trade in Services Division, Ministry of Commerce organized the compilation of the "International Trade Statistics Report Forms Guide" (see Annex 3).

Enterprise (or other subjects) by visiting the "China Trade in Services" http://tradeinservices.mofcom.gov.cn , click the middle of the page scroll bar "International trade in services statistics and reporting system" for online reporting, or click http : / / / ZBXT1/Login.jsp to declare.

Annex 1: Ministry of Commerce, Bureau of Statistics on the issuance of "international trade in services statistics system," the notice

Annex 2: "International trade in services statistics system"

Annex 3: "International Trade Statistics Report Forms Guide"

(Source: Ministry of Commerce, Trade in Services Sub-Station )