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Subsidies should be distributed to the hands of each person

Subsidies should be distributed to the hands of each person

September 12, for the County of Jiangxi Province, Poyang Lianhu finance "card" is issued the operator Wu long hash has no concept of the weekend. "I just called to say the county finance bureau in the county are still 8 subsidies to buy home appliances not in place, I must now linked to the parties as soon as possible, let alone eight, that is, one can also directly affect the payment Lianhu Township rate. "hash Wu launched got up early went to finance, for more information, then riding a motorcycle down the village.
Lianhu township from the county seat closer to the county farmers often buy big-ticket appliances. Cash subsidies for the good work, Miss Cou hair is always very busy, but this is only the appliances to the countryside in Jiangxi subsidies to honor the work of a miniature.
Since the implementation of the work of Jiangxi home appliances, home appliances at all levels to overcome the financial sector audit payment difficulties caused by the reform model, and explore innovative ways to honor audits, home appliances record number of outlets, product sales and the amount of subsidy payment and the payment rate third start in the country among the best in the 19 provinces. Subsidy payment in January of this year in a row 6,7,8 ranked first in the country.
Special action to honor the farmers, "buy the rest assured"
Over the years, farmers in Jiangxi have been a thrifty consumer attitudes, the consumption of living within our means, many peasant families, or the old style of home appliances, and some even longer available. In particular, some enjoyment household appliances, such as air conditioners, washing machines, water heaters, computers, microwave ovens into fewer farmers. Some farmers even bought appliances that can receive subsidies or after another. To solve the farmers to worry about, Jiangxi Province has adopted various measures to streamline the financial subsidy payment procedures and strengthen supervision of funds to implement the subsidy payment amount, so that farmers buy the rest assured.
Jiangxi Provincial Finance Department by the person in charge of construction, "home appliances" In the beginning the implementation of more complicated when the subsidy program. Purchase in the purchase of "home appliances" products must pay the full purchase price, then the effective time, holding a copy of the invoices and purchase products, subsidies class private label household appliances and other related materials to the township finance departments for local accounts , audited in line with subsidy requirements, and then by township finance department reported county finance department, after review by the county finance department, the application is made in the purchase of 30 working days, through the "Card" subsidy funds allocated to the purchaser . This approach requires the layers of review, cumbersome, greatly affected the enthusiasm of farmers for home appliances, many farmers are often complicated because of the procedures to give up the purchase of home appliances.
Appliances to the countryside to do a good job subsidies to honor the work, and raise the subsidy payment rate, the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Finance in the province has embarked on a subsidy payment of special actions to change the basic concept of the financial sector, change the "passive acceptance" to "active service" arrangements for full-time staff on the system every day to apply for subsidies have not yet come to clean up the purchase information, and telephone to remind the relevant time the purchaser to apply for subsidies, this note apply for subsidies, and some local governments for the convenience of a cadre of farmers, personally come for subsidies to help its reporting procedures.
Subsidies for special action to honor a great encouragement to the farmers share the enthusiasm of home appliances, the reporter in the town of Jiangxi Province, Poyang Poyang County's convenience services finance interview room, just hit town and village Zhu Jinsong Wu came to handling payment procedures, Zhu Jinsong told reporters: "A few days ago spent 1966 yuan in Nanchang bought a Changhong color TV. come back, to finance the" One Card "window for reporting subsidies, but subsidies have not I bought a color TV system, information on sales, subsidies can not handle . suddenly Mongolia, had wanted to buy appliances in Nanchang is cheaper, and now not receive subsidies, a reversal of a cis also expensive. finance operators understand the situation, said he would help me, let me go back, etc. news, I thought that subsidies to the game is, who knows a few days, finance the operations staff on the phone told me to go through the process was so grateful to them. "
"Advanced network" approach to farmers "fill in the Heart"
With the enthusiasm of farmers to purchase household appliances increased, the primary financial audit, to honor the growing workload increase, the objective of the payment on time, in order for the first time people will be able to enjoy the subsidies, the province in the last year in the whole Province within the implementation of the "advanced network" approach to the designated sales outlets of farmers to buy home appliances, subsidy funds from the sales outlets agency application procedures, subsidies are paid in advance by the sales outlets, so that farmers in the sale of ID cards and household registration book network site will be able to deliver to the financial subsidies. Full implementation of the "advanced network" approach, the actual subsidy payment rate of 100%, the system reflects the payment of subsidies based on the rate of increase in the original 10 to 15 percentage points.
The implementation of new policies greatly facilitate the common people, but also bring some risks. Provincial Department of Finance Economic Planning and Development Department, told reporters: "Some farmers do not understand the policy when you buy appliances, resulting in the amount of subsidy payment flows into the pockets of the dealers. So the provincial government financial departments at all levels of funds to strengthen supervision of sales outlets, while adding a return visit to the farmers and the large sampling ratio, fill behavior crackdown cheat. "
Jiangxi Province, Poyang County village villagers Ai-Lin Xiangguo first group to come across such a thing, he bought a cell phone in the county was not aware of subsidies can apply to go straight home, and wait until the operator to contact the Financial to him, Mr Kwok had identification cards to mobile phones lost, no identity card can not enter the subsidy system. Finance the operator immediately to the county negotiate with the dealers, but network marketing system operational problems led to subsidize entry staff can not be achieved. Mr. Guo received as early as possible to ensure that subsidy payments, finance industry and commerce departments have jointly handled the emergency contact, trying to contact the manufacturer to obtain the product identification number, smooth entry into the subsidy system. Finally brought to the home appliances subsidies, rural finance tuanlin only relieved the operator.
To further strengthen the financial safety supervision, to ensure the security of financial subsidies, capital subsidies to prevent acts of fraud, the province has to provide for: First, counties, districts do not qualify for the purchase of "advanced network" policy, still according to the original approach Exit and return to apply for subsidies; Second, the subsidy to rural financial sector to release the funds to conduct publicity, publicity periods are about half a month; Third, management of the system to show the farmers have received subsidies for follow up call, on-site investigation , of not less than 30%; fourth is to advance agency review or sales outlets subsidy funds to carry out regular spot checks to, checks at least once a month, no less than 10%
Yongfeng Financial Bureau of Jiangxi Province for some home appliances home appliances sales outlets to apply for subsidies agents occurred during the unusual situation, sent investigation, Yongfeng identified five home appliances sales outlets, the use of agent applications for farmers subsidies leading home appliance of the machine, the abuse of household information in violation of regulations, to take the number of false means farmers to purchase products, obtain financial subsidies. In this regard, Yongfeng Finance Bureau based "Financial Supervision in Jiangxi Province," "financial penalties for illegal disposal regulations", the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Commerce issued the "rules for the operation home appliances," the relevant provisions of the violations were serious and sales outlets treatment.