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Farmers come to the city of Chaozhou City, a study tour of Fruit Tree Research Institute

Farmers come to the city of Chaozhou City, a study tour of Fruit Tree Research Institute

Recently, Chao iron orange Dipu Town Hom banana growers in the next village line 11 to the Fruit Research Institute, Chaozhou, visit and study by the Institute for their hospitality. The village is the fruit of the Institute, "the Office of Pastoral Agricultural Science and Technology Provincial Science and Technology Plan of Action project services experts - banana orange lines of the demonstration of new priorities and promotion of" linked to the service village. Adopted the "going out" and "bringing in" a way of combining services, the project's scientific and technological personnel has been to the village for technical guidance, many times leading to the village by banana growers in citrus orange banana demonstration base for visit learning.

Banana Citrus growers have to plant them in banana orange citrus encountered in disease control, pruning, fertilization and other issues with the project's scientific and technological personnel exchanges. Vice President, Comrade Liu Zhaoji senior agronomist their questions answered in detail, for example, citrus disease control measures: 1, virus-free citrus planting seedlings should be selected; 2, the new park should stay away from citrus cultivated Old Citrus Park; 3, to ensure that prevention and control of citrus psylla; 4 found HLB plants should be sprayed with chlorpyrifos entire park in addition to killing citrus psylla, cut down diseased plants and focus fire.

Subsequently, the project led by scientists who visited the plant banana orange orange banana demonstration bases, on-site to explain their citrus disease control, pruning and other technical knowledge, by the banana citrus growers are affirmed.