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GSP Guangdong veterinary inspector training course organized by the province

GSP Guangdong veterinary inspector training course organized by the province

Agriculture Department of Guangdong Province, the Provincial Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau of the implementation of veterinary GSP, a high degree of attention, careful organization and deployment, and actively promoted. Has introduced the "Guangdong Province, quality management specification Veterinary Regulations" and seven supporting management systems and file, 1 September grand opening of the work of the province after a meeting of veterinary drug GSP, September 14 and 17 and held in Guangzhou two veterinary inspectors GSP training courses, on all cities, counties, provincial veterinary drugs and feed to monitor the total by more than 430 veterinary inspectors GSP training and examination.

Party members of the Provincial Agriculture Department, inspectors, provincial head of the leading group of veterinary drugs GSP Chen Fulin, deputy director of Provincial Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau, the Provincial Veterinary Office of the Leading Group GSP Yu Ye-dong, Veterinary Department Director Liu Fu Qirong, Luo Jianmin, Deputy Director , LU Yi Kun, Deputy Director, Deputy Director General Department Jiangwen Hong attended the opening ceremony. Opening ceremony presided over by Yu, deputy director of eastern industry, Chen Fulin inspectors on the following three aspects of the work made an important speech.

First, enhance understanding, accurately grasp the current situation of veterinary supervision.

Good veterinary supervision, he said, of great significance. From the high capital growth, if the veterinary supervision in place, is bound to affect the effectiveness of major animal disease prevention and control; if it is some special drugs such as veterinary biological products has quality problems, may also lead to animal disease outbreaks, Ji aquaculture industry losses, resulting in reduced efficiency, reduced income of farmers, a serious impediment to the smooth development of modern animal husbandry in our province. From the perspective of security and stability, this year, China has successively held the Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games, good veterinary supervision, to ensure the health and safety of animals and animal products to ensure the smooth progress of the World Expo and the Asian Games was held, and maintain social stability and China's international reputation, is of great significance. From the perspective of ensuring people, Food is, good veterinary supervision is to protect the quality and safety of animal products is an important work.

He pointed out that the current regulation of veterinary drugs in our province still faces a number of outstanding problems. First, because of veterinary drug threshold is low, many practitioners and the business market, blindness and other reasons, there is now the number of veterinary enterprises, small scale, the quality of employees is not high, management is not standardized. Second, the task of re-regulation, regulation of veterinary drugs related to production, operation and use of the three links, all kinds of illegal production and sales of counterfeit and inferior veterinary drugs are still repeated acts; veterinary use throughout the household, control range, covers a wide range great difficulty. Third, the lack of regulatory power, low quality of personnel. More to the grassroots, especially the weaker regulatory capacity, regulatory supervision of the work force and the requirements of veterinary drugs are incompatible. The lack of some regulatory responsibility, work is not active, business unfamiliar, the corresponding laws, regulations and policies do not seriously study and understand. Fourth, food safety, easily lead to speculation of stability. If the disposal is wrong to deal with properly, management is not easy to trigger in place, accountability and other issues.

Second, attach great importance to and actively promote the implementation of veterinary GSP.

First, we must further strengthen the implementation of the organizational leadership veterinary GSP. GSP is a work of veterinary drugs have been carried out new work, not only involves a wide number of new standards and policies are highly demanding. GSP is a system of veterinary drug works, whether the smooth progress of the organization and leadership is the key. Localities should implement the GSP work as veterinary drugs and for the foreseeable future an important task, should properly organize the deployment, leaders must personally attend to, so that at every level, layers of implementation. To pay close attention to the development of local veterinary GSP implementation plans and work programs, and timely meeting, arrangements for the work to ensure that operational measures, implemented and achieve tangible results. Second, we must adhere to the "overall planning, and steady implementation of strict standards, on time" approach, actively and steadily carry out inspection and acceptance pilot and the overall progress of work. To strengthen the newly created qualification review of veterinary drug, as required for new veterinary drug run from July 22 this year, will play in strict accordance with veterinary drugs under the GSP strict conditions and procedures for approval. Prior to the implementation of the GSP, some veterinary drugs veterinary business unit to do the work with the veterinary GSP's butt in the March 1, 2012 to veterinary GSP requirements. Must be based on the easier issues first, the first after the country's principle cities, and gradually the existing veterinary business unit to clean up the check, amounting to less than a veterinary GSP conditions improve to a deadline for correction, rectification should be promptly after the renewal with conditions "Veterinary Drug Distribution Licence." To actively support and guide qualified veterinary drug for veterinary GSP transformation, is not qualified veterinary drug enterprise development should guide the direction of its adjustment, take the combination, reorganization or switch to other roads. Through the promotion of veterinary drug GSP veterinary inspection, the full implementation of standardized management of veterinary drug, for a group to manage the new office, system wide, large-scale, excellent service, a large veterinary drug, against those who mismanaged the system failure is small, low quality of personnel of small veterinary drug, veterinary drug industry to effectively adjust the structure. Implementation plan in accordance with provincial requirements 1-2 have been selected drugs and biological products of enterprises of veterinary drugs and animal epidemic prevention agencies GSP pilot training and guidance, December to observe the review and acceptance prior to the unified organization. To February 2011, towns and counties (districts) to carry out at least one veterinary GSP pilot and acceptance. GSP in 2011 to accelerate the implementation process of veterinary drugs, and comprehensively push forward, to ensure that by March 1, 2012 to complete the existing veterinary drug in the GSP review and renewal of business licenses veterinary work. March 1, 2012, the mandatory full implementation of the veterinary GSP, to carry out "non-veterinary GSP Enterprises cleanup activities", according to the law on non-trading enterprises shall be banned veterinary drugs seized GSP veterinary license. Third, we must strengthen the veterinary GSP awareness training. To promote veterinary medicine and extensive operator training and guidance, municipalities, counties must effectively fulfill the responsibilities of the relevant documents will be veterinary GSP, especially in the province of the implementing rules and judging criteria and the time required to implement each animal advocacy business enterprises and veterinary medicine stores, so that the operators understand and are familiar with veterinary veterinary content and requirements of GSP, understanding, support, and work vigorously with the implementation of GSP. To help them improve business conditions to improve as quickly as possible, to veterinary GSP requirements. Fourth, we need to gain support. As a new work, promote the veterinary GSP will encounter many problems. All localities should seize the opportunity to actively create conditions to strengthen communication and coordination with relevant departments, take the initiative to support and promote the implementation of veterinary GSP.

He also called on all localities to follow the province's veterinary GSP Work Conference, continue to focus on veterinary operating norms of action to ensure that achieved significant results. To strengthen anti-counterfeiting enforcement and severely punish illegal behavior. To focus on the period around the key tasks, pay close attention to key aspects of the full supervision of veterinary drug residue monitoring focus their efforts to protect the quality and safety of animal products during the Asian Games.

Third, adhere to objectivity and fairness, strict implementation of assessment criteria to prevent fraud, violation of dereliction of duty.

He said the establishment and improvement of veterinary inspectors GSP GSP veterinary team is working to implement an important guarantee. Veterinary administrative departments at all levels in the organization GSP veterinary inspection and acceptance, we must according to law, strictly the province of veterinary drugs and review the relevant provisions of GSP standards, accreditation through the motions or prevent fraud, and illegal misconduct, certainly from the strict accountability. Special emphasis on strict compliance with GSP veterinary inspectors conduct and discipline inspection and acceptance, law-abiding, honest and upright, principled, dedicated, objective and impartial, scientific rigor, practical, improve inspection skills, on-site inspection to qualified veterinary GSP and supervision work, and to obtain new knowledge from practice, to truly improve the inspection standards and inspection capabilities to ensure a fair and impartial conduct inspection and acceptance.

During the course, Luo Jianmin comrades around the "Guangdong Provincial Administration of veterinary inspectors GSP", "Guangdong Province, quality management specification Veterinary Regulations", "GSP veterinary inspection and acceptance of Guangdong Province," the "GSP Guangdong Province, the scene of veterinary drugs inspection program "and" GSP veterinary inspection and acceptance of Guangdong Province discipline "of the relevant provisions of the GSP on the implementation of veterinary drugs in the acceptance of certification and how to correctly handle the relationship between the daily inspection and monitoring in veterinary medicine to prevent the acceptance of certification and inspection GSP supervision is not required in the act rashly be held responsible for trouble going through the motions, and requested a detailed explanation; provincial veterinary drugs and feed monitoring by Linhai Dan, deputy director general of "Guangdong Provincial veterinary inspection and acceptance evaluation criteria GSP" detailed explanation of each of the terms and counseling. Participants generally indicated that through training, systematic and comprehensive study of the veterinary drugs and requirements of the relevant provisions of GSP, learned a lot. (Veterinary Department)