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6 acres of corn stalks the county is now transformed into treasure

6 acres of corn stalks the county is now transformed into treasure

"I am a few acres of corn stover harvest was not yet booked, do not have to worry about impossible, and no place to put, not burning, but also increase revenue." Ren County Township Village Lu Guilin Yongfu said cheerfully.

The same as Lu Guilin, the county has more than 2,000 farmers in straw was booked in advance. Relying on straw utilization technology, the county will be 6 acres of corn stalks into use, more than 30,000 tons of corn stalks into high quality feed through the briquette or bio-fuels, farmers rely on corn stover can increase 2.6 million yuan.

Straw, a county rich in natural resources, previously unable to find a way out, farmers often burn the straw of a straw into the fall, "smoke signals everywhere," the curse.

In recent years, the county and actively support stalk production and processing projects, to promote to field, such as straw briquette recycling utilization patterns, straw transformed into treasure.

"Long Jin Chang company and I signed a straw purchase contract, not only saves time and effort, but also the white pick two or three hundred," Township Luo Xu Luo is issued four villagers said. In 2008, the county's new on the Long Jin Chang straw utilization projects, and actively promote the comprehensive utilization of straw briquetting technology, to acquire the corn stalk to be processed into high-quality feed, the price of 600 yuan per ton, delivered to the northeast, Inner Mongolia and other places used as a cattle feed, corn stalks into a increase of people rich industry. "Now the company has three machines, the next step we intend to update all the equipment to meet the demand for more supply." Stalk glad to Element, said project leader.

Corn stalk the county also brought a series of "green" benefits, the annual consumption of 3 million tons of straw, saving 09,000 tons of coal and reduce carbon dioxide emissions 1.2 million tons.