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Jiangxi 3 billion to support construction of grain large grain

Jiangxi 3 billion to support construction of grain large grain

Reporter learned from the Jiangxi Province Department of Finance, to promote the stable development of grain production, protect farmers growing grain, and improve comprehensive agricultural subsidies dynamic adjustment mechanism, the central co-ordinating arrangements for this year's New Jiangxi comprehensive agricultural subsidies 287 million of funds and county financial support of 0.21 billion yuan, total 308 million, mainly for large grain grain construction projects, and gradually improve the large grain farming conditions and the surrounding farmers to enhance grain productivity.
It is understood that general subsidies for agricultural dynamic adjustment mechanism in accordance with the "price make co-ordination, dynamic adjustment, only to rise," the basic principles of comprehensive agricultural subsidies on the new dynamic management of funds.
Comprehensive agricultural subsidies dynamic adjustment mechanism activated, the year of agricultural prices, the new comprehensive agricultural subsidies to grain farmers direct payments to compensate for the increase in grain costs; in agricultural prices do not rise or fall year, the new comprehensive agricultural subsidies, not a direct payment to farmers for growing grain, but rather focused on grain farmers and the food is directly related to infrastructure, food production by improving the environment, promote food production and food security.
In 2010, Jiangxi Province, according to the situation, choose the kinds of food to support large grain construction projects focus on large grain (including grain farmers cooperatives, state-owned agricultural establishments and Ken Zhichang) and grain farmers surrounding the implementation of high standards of transformation, into a "hard bottom irrigation and drainage, ditches the road grid, the grid shape of terraces, high soil fertility, ecological environment, ecological and convenient facilities" of the modern high standards for grain.
Jiangxi Provincial Department of Finance Economic Planning and Development Department, responsible person, enjoy the benefits of the project's conditions are: paddy field area of 1,000 contiguous acres or more, and at least one kind of large grain (including grain cooperatives of farmers, state agricultural areas and Ken Zhichang) leased over 500 acres of paddy field area of the scale, and have a more stable tenant relationship; the project area in the past five years have not been implemented or the implementation of this project and there is no similar transformation of the overall high standard of basic farmland. Investment criteria, not more than 1400 yuan per mu according to the purposes, the province will benefit from 25 million mu of grain.
According to reports, large grain grain water works construction projects, including small, medium and large Irrigation District and other Mojiquxi renovation project; field channel rectification, field road construction, land leveling and other field engineering field; added soil nutrients, organic matter added, sound processing and other fertility field production engineering and power lines, simple drying yard, Jicha Yang lines and other facilities.
It is understood that after the implementation of the project, large grain of agricultural production conditions and ecological environment would be improved, markedly enhanced ability to withstand natural disasters, land productivity and production efficiency has improved significantly.