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Hebei vegetables will bring "ID card" to Beijing

Hebei vegetables will bring "ID card" to Beijing

Hebei Province Department of Agriculture recently issued a "demonstration counties in Hebei Province vegetable industry standards" and the "model village in Hebei Province vegetable industry standards Park construction standards" so that "Hebei food" production standards of a "hard and fast rules."

This year in September, Hebei provincial government established 15 regional advantages prominent, better vegetable production base counties (cities, districts), each county (city, district) to select 10 key villages as a demonstration base, and strive to After 3 to 5 years to make vegetable demonstration counties Vegetable industrial added value accounted for the overall economy over 1 / 3; vegetables in Tianjin market share to more than 60%, of which 30% share of high-grade vegetables around.

Coming into Beijing, Tianjin and other places supermarket "Hebei food" logo will be affixed with a unique "identity card", indicate the name, origin, producer, harvesting time, quality and grade of product standard number and so on.