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Akagi, "Zhang miscellaneous Valley" help farmers increase income 50,000,000

Akagi, "Zhang miscellaneous Valley" help farmers increase income 50,000,000

"Zhang miscellaneous grains growing well this year, I planted 6 acres of hybrid corn Zhang pounds or more per mu in 1000, and compared with previous years, corn more than 1 mu of land revenue at least 500!" Before ground is busy harvesting millet Uncle Zhang music from ear to ear. This year, Chicheng County, planted in a total of 9.85 million mu of millet hybrid Zhang, farmers throughout the county alone can achieve income 50 million yuan.

"Zhang Miscellaneous Valley" is the use of millet (P) sterile breeding of gender sensitive, by hybridization of new varieties of millet, with a high yield, drought resistance highly features.

Chicheng County is located in the mountainous terrain, climate, "which was billed as" part of the rural people are still "dependent on the weather," the development of dry farming, in particular promote the cultivation of a drought, high yield characteristics of the "hybrid millet Zhang", has become county adjustment of agricultural structure, an important measure to increase the income of farmers.

Zhang hybrid corn to ensure the promotion effect, the county active policy preferences, developed and issued a "hybrid corn planted on the guidance," "on the implementation of the mandate to promote the implementation of hybrid millet opinion" to determine the Tian Jia Yao, Lung, and like the Tin Liu Lin Tuncun total of 21,700 acres of contiguous high concentration of demonstration area. In the "big winter and spring technology training" activities, the county opened a special hybrid corn planting Chang technical training, and invited experts in Zhangjiakou City Agriculture and Animal Husbandry and the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, held at the Akagi-site training will promote the planting, so farmers master scientific planting techniques to ensure successful planting Zhang Hongye.