Heilongjiang Province, the growth of trade with Russia in August before three 4.6 billion into the import and export value

Harbin, according to customs statistics, from 1 August this year, the province of the Russian import and export value of $ 4,590,000,000, up 32.5% over last year. Which Russia exports 2.72 billion, up 21.1%; 1.88 billion of imports from Russia, an increase of 53.5%.

Trade with Russia in August before the province was four trends: First, border trade accounted for more than 7 percent, general trade decline. Before August, the province on the Russian border trade to the import and export 3.35 billion, an increase of 48.5%, accounting for the province over the same period total imports and exports to Russia 73%. To the general trade import and export 890 million U.S. dollars, down 10.2% decline in trade as the only way. Second, the main private sector for trade, foreign investment in the vitality of enterprises large.
1 to 8 months, the province imports and exports 4.19 billion private Russia, an increase of 33.6% over the same period accounted for 91.3% of total import and export to Russia. Russian state-owned enterprises import and export of $ 360,000,000, an increase of 16.2%, accounting for 7.8%. Third, the main apparel and footwear for export, machinery and electronic products continued to slump. 1 to 8 months, Russian exports of apparel and clothing accessories, $ 800,000,000, an increase of 31.7% over the same period accounted for 29.4% of the total value of exports to Russia; Russia footwear exports 750 million U.S. dollars, up 1 times; Russian exports of machinery and electronic products 3.6 billion, down 9.3%. Fourth, the main import of resource products, chemical fertilizer, refined oil double growth. 1 August, the province imported logs from Russia, $ 460,000,000, an increase of 2.1%; fertilizer imports from Russia $ 290,000,000, an increase of 1.1 times, accounting for 15.4%; refined oil exports $ 280,000,000, an increase of 5.7 times, accounting for 14.9%.